Hi! I’m Rachel Robinson, small town farm girl, transplanted to the big Cincinnati. Exploring the city, and other nether regions of the country one weekend at a time.

I hail from a small town in Midwest Ohio, in which one had to drive an hour to the closest mall, and people slept outside of the McDonald’s when it first opened a few years back… yes THAT small. Now I’m nice and nestled in Pleasant Ridge and absolutely loving it.

So join me on my adventures to the quaint Mom & Pop places, the dive bars, the museums, the amusement parks, and the just plain quirky that engulf my life mostly in, but also outside of Cincinnati.

Most of my updates will be posted from my Droid so if the picture quality stinks and the spelling seems just odd… my apologies.


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10 08 2010
fake person

Camp Washington Chili. Go once for breakfast (go for it and get the hash browns – w/ cheese & onion – with whatever other stuff you order). Go a different time for the chili. Go a third time for one of their lunch sandwiches.
Skyline Chili at Clifton & Ludlow for a meal after 1 am on a Fri/Sat night during school year. Dress appropriately, as there will be a line out the door and around the corner, especially if you arrive after 2 am when the bars close.
Mecklenberg Gardens on Wednesday Night (or any night). Great food AND beer.
Christy’s on McMillan Street. Three venues, one location. The basement bar, the outdoor bar (with bocce ball) and the restaurant upstairs.
Murphy’s Pub on West Clifton & Warner St
There is a pizza place on Sutton Ave about one mile south of Beechmont. It is good, and they provide crayons.

These are all good locally owned joints that I highly recommend.

12 08 2010

Thanks!! I’ve actually done the Ludlow Skyline. A few times, and yes even one late (after Rocky Horror Picture Show)

7 10 2013

I found you through CincyChic — congrats on being featured! Looking forward to following your blog and your suggestions for things to do in the area!

7 10 2013

Thanks! Glad to have you along for the ride! πŸ™‚

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