Yelp Badge List

Sorry yall, had to hide the page for a bit… no worries, it’s back up for now! :) But I’ll let yall know if it ever goes away permanently. No worries. :) Oh, and I still need a few more screen shots ;)

Yelp Badge List

A list of the Yelp Badges available (to date) Thanks to the awesome ppl in Houston!

Major props for this list go to Justin C from San Leandro, CA & Ruth C from Baltimore, for getting me the screenshots that my Droid won’t get :(

*It seems that some people who’s site will remain nameless for lack of giving them more traffic, have completely ripped off this page, without giving due credit. If you’re going to use this list (which is pretty easy to figure out as this site was the first and original badge list that pulled straight off the above mentioned Thread) please at least give credit where credit is due (see my 4sq page or above if you don’t know what I’m talking about.) Thats all I ask. And I ask that yall keep this page bookmarked and passed on!



*Check in somewhere using the Yelp App.(Most likely have to check-in to two places to prove you’re actually using it.)


*Check in to 20+ places in the same week


*having 200+ total check-ins

Yelpus Maximus

*(seems to vary from person to person. anywhere from 600-1000+ check-ins – also may have to do with how many checkins you have in a certain week.)

True Yelper

*Check in and review 10 different places


*Check-in to 3-5+ bars in an evening


*6+ Check-ins after Midnight

(unconfirmed: but before 3am?)


*Check in to 6+ Mexican Restaurants


*6+ check-ins to different ethnic restaurants (ie: Chinese, Mexican, Thai, German, Japanese, Italian..)


*4-6+ check in to beauty salons/places (spas, yoga, beauty supplies)


*3+ check-ins to “chore locations” (ie grocery, drug store, dry cleaners, home goods stores…)
Crosstown Magic

*Checking in across town in one day

Brewed Awakening

*8+ check-ins at Coffee Shops before 8am

Big Night

*7+ quick check ins in an evening (after 8 pm)


Yelp Conehead Badge

*Check into 6 Ice Cream/Froyo Shops.


*Checking in first to a place and three friends doing the same within a half hour.

Gym Junkie

*9+ check ins at the same(?) gym location (?? unconfirmed)

Sushi Sensei

Yelp Sushi Sensei Badge

*Check in to 6+ sushi restaurants


Yelp Globetrotter Badge

*Check in to 5+ airports


Yelp Bacchus Badge

*6+ Check-ins to Wine Bars/Wineries/Wine Shops



*Check in 4 times at bars, lounges and/or pubs over two separate days

Carrot Top

*3 separate check-ins at 3 separate vegetarian establishments on 3 separate days.


*3 separate check-ins at 3 separate Dance Clubs over at least 2 days.


*3 separate check-ins at 3 separate Steak Houses over 3 days. ( Maybe hamburger places/deli’s too??)


*3 separate check-ins on 3 separate days/nights at a Dog Park. (It can be the SAME dog park)

Happy Hour Power

*Check in 5 times at 5 different establishments, between the hours of 5-7pm (maybe 8pm? maybe different days? Unconfirmed)

**NEW January BADGES**

The Yelp app seems to not know if it wants to list these or not…  According the Yelp Twitter they caught a bug in the update, but they’re working on a fix for it!

It looks like at least a few of these are here to stay now!


Yelp Maverick Badge

*This seems to be checking in at 5(??) 2 Star or less establishments.


*Has been unlocked at arcades and comic book shops.

Mobile Streaker

Yelp Mobile Streaker Badge

*checking in every day for a week


*I’m not sure if this is checking into airports in 3 different states or just checking into places in 3 different states….

Sharing is Caring

Yelp Sharing is Caring Badge

*Something like the Instigator badge, and checking in with friends (unconfirmed)

The Breakfast Club



**NEW October BADGES**




Tool Legit


tool 1

*Check in to 3 Hardware stores (seemingly in the same week?)



framed 1


Tree Hugger

*Checking into parks in 30 days.


*Checking into playgrounds and baby related stores

High Roller
high roller

high roller 1.jpg

*Checkin at 3 $$$$ places


Yelp Eats 2011

Yelp Eats Badge

*Check into 2 restaurants participating in Yelp Eats! in your city during the week of July 11-17th!

Michelangelo seems to have figured out the checkin timing. Which is awesome! :)

*  If it’s been AT LEAST 60 minutes from my last check, I can do my First check-in with my Second check-in only 2 minutes later.   But it has to be at least a full chronological 2 minutes, NOT a “watch” two minutes, where it said 10:10pm and then it says 10:12pm, but in actuality it may be only 70 seconds later.  The system makes you wait a FULL 120 seconds before it will let you slip in a 2nd check-in after the first with out banging you up against the “Hold on Tiger” warning field.

*  And then I can slip in a 3rd check-in after waiting a full eight (8) minutes.

[I have heard rumor of 6 minutes?]

*  And then a 4th check-in after waiting another full 10 minutes

*  And then a 5th check-in after waiting another full 10 minutes

*  (The 6th check-in kicks you back to the default 15 minute interval)

In this way, you can score FIVE check-ins in precisely a 30 minute span.  But you have to be precise.  If you are premature, you fuck up your window for another full 60 minutes.  So if you try to do your 2nd check-in before the 2 min mark, then you get the “hold on tiger” warning, and that defaults you back to 15 min check-in intervals for the rest of THAT hour.

It STILL has an overall limitation of not letting you do more than 6 check-ins within 45 minutes.   But at least in this fashion, if you know you are only going to be in one neighborhood for only 30 minutes, you can still get 5 target-specific check-ins accomplished.  Or even just doing 3 check-ins in 10 minutes, and 4 check-ins in 20 minutes.

If you have anything to add, or if I messed something up, let me know! shoot me an email or leave me a comment!

Why yes I am thank you :) You could be too!

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31 12 2010

Thank you for this site!!!!

3 01 2011

No Problem!!! :D I figured if I was looking for these things, someone else probably is too! Glad I could help :)

25 01 2011
Ms Julicious

Crosstown Magic. I’ve earned this badge twice, and usually it happens when I take a trip to a different city by plane.

10 02 2011
Ms Julicious

Thanks for this awesome list, by the way. I posted it up on our Yelp Talk.

10 02 2011

You rock! :)

23 06 2011

Also, I finally earned the Globetrotter badge after flying into 4 different airports within a week time.

And I checked into 5 places in one evening after 8pm (and before midnight) and still earned the Big Night badge.

22 12 2011
Jess M

Check in in different parts of town on the same night.

The trick to this is that you can only earn this in cities that have neighborhoods defined by Yelp. This can be difficult, because many big cities do not have neighborhoods yet (including Washington DC and Miami, FL). You can find out if your city has them by searching for something, then clicking Filter, then select Neighborhoods. If hoods come up, you are in good shape, if it says “Sorry, there are no neighborhoods for this location” then you can check in all over town and you will not earn this badge. Also, you will lose it after two months if you don’t check in again in a city that qualifies.

23 12 2011

Yeah, I guess it just sucks for people that don’t have the neighborhoods. My town probably won’t ever get it. =P I’ll just have to go with traveling to cities that do. Thanks, though.

10 02 2011

thanks for putting this together! really helpful! I need 6 badges left and now I know what to do!

10 02 2011

Your welcome :) I’ve only managed to get 7 so far… but I’m well on my way! :)

22 02 2011

nighthawk: I got that after checking into seven las vegas casinos, food places (not necessarily open) after midnight.

but for the life of me i had 10 checkins during the evening after 8pm and did’t get the big night??

23 02 2011

I feel like that one has to be done in a small time frame… I honestly don’t remember how I got mine. I think it was a night of shopping, or bar hopping, where I had those checkins in an hour or 2

22 05 2011

maybe one day I’ll give up the crackberry since the yelp app doesn’t allow checkins and get some of these badges!

20 06 2011


10 08 2011

I lost my crosstown badge even though and cannot get it back even though I meet the requirements several times a week.

28 08 2011

I check in all the time and I still havent got the cross town magic. Somehow I think my yelp is messed up. Lol!

29 08 2011

Hey Nicole! I know it all depends on how your city is set up too. It seems to only work in the larger cities, that actually have neighborhoods/regions developed. I know that it has to do with checking in in different neighborhoods in Cincinnati. And it seems to have to be within an hour to 3 from what I’ve seen.

2 09 2011
hotshot bald cop

Wonderful list!! ty!

13 09 2011
Kristopher Eaglin

I’m still working on these. I love it!

20 09 2011
Wan Ip address

Greeeeeeeeat Blog Love the Info!

14 10 2011
Michelangelo Saucedo

Hey sweetie – since the new badges dropped into the app desktop this week, this is what I’ve found out:

* BARFLY – easiest of the new ones to obtain: need 4 check-in at bars, lounges and/or pubs over two separate days – anytime of the day. Not quite sure how this differs from SOUSED, unless it’s because it requires more than just one days. (1295 yelpers and counting)

* CARROT TOP – 3 separate check-ins at 3 separate vegetarian establishments on 3 separate days. (54 yelpers and counting)

* FOOTLOOSE – 3 separate check-ins at 3 separate Dance Clubs over at least 2 days. It has to be a Dance Club too. I have a check-in at the Ballroom Dance Studio where I do some dance lessons and that check-in was in between the Dance Club check-ins, but it did not count towards this badge (44 yelpers and counting)

* MEATHEAD – 3 separate check-ins at 3 separate Steak Houses over 3 days. Maybe hamburger places too. (99 yelpers and counting)

* UNLEASED – 3 separate check-ins on 3 separate days/nights at a Dog Park. It can be the SAME dog park all 3 nights too. I walk my two-pocket panthers after midnight (since there are usually no dogs around then) through the Glenbrook Dog Park. near my home. It has to be a Dog Park also. Not a regular park. Not a Dog Sitter or Dog-Walking service either. (39 yelpers and counting)

* HAPPY HOUR POWER – I was praying this had nothing to do with church meetings, and luckily I was right. It took 5 check-ins and 5 different establishments, over 4 separate days, between the hours of 5-7pm. [Maybe 8pm. And maybe if you push it, you can get it in 2 or 3 days. I don’t know.] Definitely the most complex badge of the bunch in my opinion. (35 yelpers and counting – the lowest unlocked badge so far).


Sometimes you get a TWO-fer. My check-in at Badlands counted towards BOTH “Barfly” and “Footloose”. But not towards “Happy Hour Power” since my check in at Badlands was late at night. IF, however, my check had been before 7pm, I can’t help but wonder if I would have gotten a THREE-fer with the “Badlands” check-in.

If your Facebook is set-up for Yelp-status updates, the badges don’t drop right away – it could be hours before they show up. In fact, 4 of them didn’t seem to activate/drop on Facebook until after I posted another review. [But that could be entirely coincidence and/or just a temporary glitch that will speed up with time once the Facebook and Yelp systems are more “synced up” given all the iTunes, Windows, Facebook, Yelp, etc. etc. updates/upgrades that have been going on this week.]

13 11 2011
Grant Becker

This is so helpful!!!

15 11 2011

I just got the unleashed badge… still need a snapshot? :)

18 11 2011

No matter what, I can’t get the soused badge. I was doing a bar crawl on Halloween and hit 8 different bars and still didn’t get it. I must be missing something with it.

22 11 2011

I cannot stand check in Fruads! It’s an achievement… Cheaters make the badges worthless!

25 11 2011

Finally someone answers the badges! Thank you for putting this together!

13 12 2011
Ms. Anonymous

So what does one get from collecting all the badges? Additional discounts to those places? Invites to yelp tastic parties? Or just cool points?

14 12 2011

Nothing other than the fact that you can show it off to your other Yelp friends :P I think they were just trying to find a way for you to want to check-in. They’re kinda fun for now, especially if they keep adding ones!

13 12 2011
Ms. Anonymous

Thanks for putting this together, BTW. It’s been real useful!

5 01 2012
Yvonne C.

I have 280 total check-ins, but still no Master badge! What gives?

BTW, thanks for the list!

5 01 2012
Evy C.

Did my comment get deleted? I was wondering why I haven’t gotten the Master badge yet. I have 280+ check ins. Thoughts? Thanks!

11 03 2012
Bret Kramer

Just got Master after 395 check ins.

25 01 2012

Maverick…checked into a paving company, automotive shop, and contractor.

25 01 2012

Do you happen to have the screen shot? or the wording for it?

25 01 2012

I don’t have a screen shot, but it the picture is supposed to look like Maverick from Top Gun, it even has three small jets flying in the back ground.

The workding is: “Becasue ratings are overrated, becuase you go your own way – and because you’ll never lose that lovin’ feeling for your city’s rugged good looks. You’re dangerious. Yeah, Dangerous… and there’s a badge for that.”

25 01 2012

I got the Maverick badge checking in at places with less than two stars ratings. Now, how can I unlock the Geek and Breakfast Club ones?

PS: it seems like the Statesman badge will not return this time…

5 11 2012

The Geek badge you get from going to arcades and comic book stores. And although I have not acquired the breakfast club one, yet, I believe it’s from checking into 5 or more breakfast restaurants.

Sidenote for everyone: sometimes people don’t tag the businesses correctly when being the first to upload them so be on the lookout for what they are classified under. I.e. Kroger (grocery store) was under pharmacy.

Happy yelping!

25 01 2012

Does anyone know if the Yelp Eats 2011 special badge was temporary? I mean, did it disappear after some days or does anyone have it yet?

26 01 2012

I have it, but I believe it was only unlocked during “Yelp Eats” week and only in the cities that participated

26 01 2012

Thanks for replying. So it did not disappear. Cool.

25 01 2012

I got the mobile streaker today…didn’t even know it existed!! It’s checking in to a certain place for a week strait. I’ve been trying for awhile to get the “brewed awakening” badge. There must be a glitch or something because I have checked into like 10 different spots before. Perhaps it must be the category “coffee and tea” meaning that dunkin donuts- which falls under the catergory of “doughnuts” would’t work!!! Shucks!!!

25 01 2012
Joe d

I got the mavericks badge by checking into 5 placed that are unreviewed and unrated.

26 01 2012

Not sure how I got it, but i unlocked maverick last night:

its a pic of a tom cruise looking guy from top gun Maverick was his character with several F14s flying over his left shoulder and a hanger over his right schoulder. the character is wearing aviator glasses.

I was unlock #102

It states:
Because ratings are overrated, because you go your own way – and because you’ll never lose that lovin’ feeling for your city’s rugged good looks. You’re dangerous. Yeah, dangerous… and there’s a badge for that.

I think its for local check ins within the city that you live regardless of the ratings of whatever places are checked into. 110 people have earned the badge as of 1:24 am PST 01.26.12.

No screen shot on a droid either sorry…

26 01 2012

I also received the mobile streaker which appears to be a daily check as noted. I was unlock #970. current there are 1064 unlocks for it. Language and image match what you had listed :)

26 01 2012

Yesterday I unlocked 3 of the new badges: Mobile Streaker, Sharing is Caring, and Maverick. Today my Sharing is Caring badge has disappeared mysteriously… These new badges are still a bit buggy… :( Any news about the two remaining ones?

9 05 2012

I hear they disappear if you stop checking into these places after some time

26 01 2012
Michelangelo S.

I got MAVERICK with only THREE (3) check-ins: two doctor’s offices and one tax prep guy. But can confirm that they were all NO stars in average rating, meaning they had not been reviewed.

I got MOBILE STREAKER for checking into 20 places within a 24 hour period of time. You can tell from the roster of establishments listed under the badge discription (once you unlock it) what places qualified you.

As to “Yelps Eat 2011″, that one will not reappear since it is obvioulsy 2012 now. However, I heard from a couple of different Yelp CMs whom hinted there will be a “Yelps Drink 2012″ badge coming up very very (VERY) soon. Sacramento’s has already been posted its on EVENTS and it is from Feb 27 to March 4:

So check your own city’s dates and that’s when the badge will no doubt be unlocked in your community.

27 01 2012

I have just unlocked the Geek badge finally! I earned this badge for:
1 – Coffee & Tea / Breakfast & Brunch
2 – IT Services & Computer Repair / Arcades / Computers
3 – Toy Stores / Comic Books

The image is an old style joypad on an orange background. As you can see the three venues have very different categories between them, but it seems to be something related to comics and computers. This is the badge message:

“Brains will always be greater than brawn. Just because you can’t crush a beer can between your powerful intellect and vast imagination doesn’t mean we won’t make a spectacle of you and your taped-up glasses. Wear this Geek badge proudly – perhaps coterminous to your vintage Batman backpack patch?”

Now let’s figure out how to unlock the Breakfast Club badge! ;)

27 01 2012
Joe D

So, I love the badges Yelp thinks of. So what badge would you like to see come to Yelp? I have an idea for a Pizza badge. I call it “Pi are Squared”(pizzas can be round our square) and it would be a round Pizza with the PI symbol spelled out in pepperoni. Just a thought. Any other suggestions?

Here is what my “Pi are Squared” message would read.

“You are a Pizza fiend! you could have pizza for lunch and dinner and if there’s anything left over, you’ll have cold pizza for breakfast. You have your local pizza shop’s number on your speed dial, you know the delivery boy on a first name basis. You have all the great pizza joints highlighted on your GPS. You’re not afraid to say ” everything and anchovies please!” For this you have earned the Pi are Squared Badge, wear it well, and you have a little pizza sauce on your chin

28 01 2012

472 check ins (legit because I don’t believe in drive-by badges) and still no Master badge. I live in San Diego so I don’t know what’s up :(

30 01 2012

I feel like it took awhile/closer to 600 til i got mine….

14 04 2012
Denise H

I got mine right at 600 check in’s. It is somewhere between 600 and 1000 check ins depending on your committment to check ins, I don’t check in places every day, but darn close.


30 01 2012

Hi all. I received the geek badge by checking in to an arcade and two comic book stores. Now I’m curious what it takes to get The Breakfast Club and Statesman…

31 01 2012

OK here we go all. I heard Statesman is checking in to 3 hotels in 3 different states. Then Breakfast Club is checking in at a breakfast/brunch location with two Yelp friends (they’ll also receive the badge). Good luck! :)

2 02 2012

You are right about the Breakfast badge, I unlocked it this way. As for the Statesman one, I think that 3 venues in 3 different states would be ok, not necessarily hotels. I saw tweets of people who unlocked it at bars, airports, bakeries, etc. Do you think there is a time limit for this? For example 3 states in a month?

2 02 2012

Does your Sharing Is Caring badge last only one day? It keeps on fading for me, I have unlocked it several times, but then it fades away after 24 hours or so. Is it normal?

8 02 2012
Kate Johnson


I think my friend got statesman for checking in in 3 different states in one day!

20 02 2012

I got the MOBILE STREAKER badge today. It’s not for checking in to the same place every day or even checking in every day (as I missed a couple of days this week). In my case, “You earned this badge for…” shows 20 checks ins within the last 11 days — which represents 7 days where I had 2 or more check ins.

25 02 2012

Tried getting nighthawk badge last night, 10 checkins b/t 12:01 AM & 3 AM & no badge.

Got maverick this morning with just 3 checkins to 2 star places.

28 03 2012

I received the Geek Badge if you still need the info on it. Email me.

8 12 2012

How did you get this? I have checked in to a couple Gamestops when I go but I have not unlocked this.


7 07 2013

How did you get the Geek badge?

14 04 2012
Denise H

I have been trying for the “brewed awakening” badge and have checked into 8 coffee places in the last 7 days (@ separate ones on the same day, on my way home from work between 1:00 am and 3:30 am and still have not gotten this badge. Could I be doing something wrong?


17 04 2012

You may be checking in too early… I’m not sure when the earliest to check in is, but I’m assuming 4-5am ish?

5 11 2012

Brewed awakening is coffee shops before 8am. I would assume after 5/6 am though as those are waking hours.

18 01 2015
Irene Hyland

I went between 7 and 8 am, it took me 10 check ins.

26 04 2012

Is the big night possible anymore? You mention that check-ins need to be quick to get the “big night” award, but there are now time restrictions that keep you from checking into that many places quickly.

21 07 2012
sandy york

I unlocked the statesman badge when driving across country and checking into 5 different locations . It took me 3-4 states over 2 days to unlock it

18 09 2012
Bret Kramer (aka WinstonP)

Any news about the new badges? Bawler requires 3 baby-related check-ins.

18 09 2012

Holy crap! I didn’t even realize there were new ones! Thanks!

26 09 2012
Alison W

“It takes a certain caliber of person to smile all day through someone else’s bodily ejections. Your check-ins at children’s playgrounds & businesses prove you manage to pull off parenthood without “accidentally” leaving the poopy perpetrator at AYSO practice forever one afternoon, so we’re giving you this badge. P.W. You have puke on your shoulder.”

26 09 2012

Thanks Alison! As soon as I get some screen shots I’ll be sure to put these up! :)

1 10 2012
Alison W

Let me know where to send the screenshots…

8 10 2012

you can send them to smalltownbigcincy {at} gmail [dot] com

18 01 2015
Irene Hyland

I checked into a bunch of baby places, but didn’t get the badge until I checked into JC Penney.

26 09 2012
Alison W

High Roller requires three check-ins at $$$$ places. “Feeling spend, Yelpy Warbucks? We present to you a badge to celebrate your wealth of fiscal accomplishments. And a congratulatory dinner in your honor, you request? Alright, but you’re buying.”

1 10 2012
Alison W

Framed requires three art-related businesses. “Your magnificence. Ponder it. Your visits to art-related businesses prove you have a sharp eye which rivals that of 50 eagles lurking Monet’s tumblr. You understand that it takes more than having your hands clasped behin your back for people to see that you know what’s up. And people not getting this heart-shattering installation… well, that’s a crime against Humanities.”

18 01 2015
Irene Hyland

I tried gallery after gallery but no go. I finally went to a museum and then the galleries and I got it.

14 12 2012

The geek is not for gamestops to my knowledge. They are acquired through arcades, comic book stores, things of that sort. Let me know if that helps and if you get it! :) good luck.

4 01 2013

I earned the High Roller badge

4 01 2013

whoops. premature carriage return. i earned the badge for checking into 3 $$$$ restaurants.

5 01 2013
lareina powell

Thanks been looking for a list like this..BTW the Highroller badge is earned when you chec into high ended food places or stores… I got mine by eating at 5 star places and checking into Michael Kors and places like that..

14 01 2013
Kayla S.

I have the Tool Legit (checking into 3 hardware stores, can be the same one and no time constraint) and the Framed which is checking into framing shops usually also duel arts & crafts related shops – 3 check ins can be the same place.

4 03 2013
Jenn C ⓥ (@LGWBveganblog)

High Roller – Feeling spendy, Yelpy warbucks? We presnet you a badge to celebrate your wealth of fiscal accomplishments. And a congragulatory dinner in your honor, you request? Alright, but you’re buying.
Cateories vary, but $$ to $$, including these businesses: Piedmont Piano Company $$$$, Commis $$$$, Delancey St Christmas tree $$$$, Bug Horn Rex $$$$, Trappist Provisions $$, Campton Place $$$$, Alexander’s Steakhouse $$$$

Bawler – It takes a certain caliber of person to smile all day through someone else’s bodily ejections. Your check-ins at children’s playgrounds & business prove you manage to pull off parenthood without “accidentally” leaving the poopy perpetrator at AYSO practice forever one afternoon, so we’re giving you this badge. PS You have puke on your shoulder.
Categories: Parks, Children’s clothing

Tree Hugger- Congrats Hippie. Your visits to local Parks — along with time spent rolling in the dirt, reading Ferlinghetti, and talking to squirrels – were not entirely pointless. While foraging around your personal oasis, you found a clue to your personal potential: this badge! Peace, man.
Categories: Parks, Boating

Framed – Your magnificence. Ponder it. Your visits to art-related businesses prove you have a sharp eye which rivals that of 50 eagles lurking Monet’s tumblr. You understand that it takes more than having your hands clasped behind your back for people to see that you know what’s up. And people not getting This heart-shattering installation … well, that’s a crime against Humanities.
Categories: Art galleries, Photographers, performing arts and Hungry Panda (“accessories”)

Tool Legit – Let’s take a second to laugh at the idiots trying to put together IKEA furniture with those stupid little tools that come in the bag o nuts. Because that’s not you – your many trips to home improvement businesses prove it. Seriously – can you believe this guy is trying to use a metric wrench on an SAE bolt? Red loc-tite instead of blue. Fer cryin’ out loud. Has the whole world gone screwy?
Categories: Hardware stores, Building supplies (only 4 check-ins!)

Daredevil – You don’t just grab life by the short hairs: you grip, twist and pull like your survival rests on it. Forget Steven Seagal. Your interest in extreme sports & activities means you’re like Steven Ho meets Harry Houdini, playing Russian roulette with Phil Spector’s haircut. Vaya con dios, brah… vaya con dios.
Categories: three check-ins at Great Western Power Company (Gyms) — I have checked into Diving, Boating, Hiking, Skateparks as well as other gyms – none of those got me Daredevil or are even included in the list of qualifying check-ins!

Breakfast Club – what’s that smell? Victory, and waffles.. and possibly your dining pal’s morning breath. Take a good strong whiff, yelper, this is your most important badge of the day.
Categories: Breakfast & Brunch (but shows up as Diner & American Traditional) – Rockridge Cafe (me & Alison) 3 days ago; Rockridge Cafe (followed by Amy, Matt & Alison) – Claremont Diner by Amy & Alison, then me – also shows up

Sharing is Caring – we know they lack your local knowledge, but you let your friends tag along and check in with you. Sharing choice picks out of your black book of recommendations earns you massive Karma points with this badge:
Categories: doesn’t matter, friend checks in close to you

20 04 2013

i got the high roller for checking in at a $$$$ place more then 5 times (7 exactly….)

30 04 2013

I have the Tool Legit badge. I got it by checking into three hardware stores on three different days (twice at Home Depot stores and once at ACE Hardware). Contact me and I can send you a picture of the badge and the unlock text.

18 05 2013
Korrie H

I earned Mobile streaker for checking in somewhere everyday for one week. I should have earned the True Yelper & the Pro badge based on the information provided however I still was unable to unlock them.

23 05 2013

I still have not earned the brew awakening and check in to Starbuck and other coffeeshops daily. And I have not been successful at earning the framed one either, even though I have checkec into art galleries, arts & craft/ framing stores.

27 05 2013
ben h

see if you can add the yelp country badges to your page

30 05 2013

wait… what are these country badges you speak of?! :D

1 06 2013
ben h

i know of the singapore, uk and turkey badge. for those countries just change the talk on your iPhone (don’t know if android works) and you can browse thru the profiles section to see their yelp badges

1 06 2013

Wow thanks for letting me know about the country badges! I have unlocked the UK, Singapore, and Turkey badges so far. Are there any other badges yet? I tried Spain, France, Germany, and Italy, but nothing happened…

3 06 2013

How did you do that?! Writing reviews in those countries? I’m still confused on these….

3 06 2013

Just check in at venues in those countries.

1 06 2013

I have just discovered 2 new country badges: Finland and Poland!

17 06 2013

“Tool legit” was unlocked for me today after 6 check-ins at different hardware stores.

I unlocked “high-roller” after two casino and one pinkberry check-in.

20 06 2013

Tool legit… Checking into 3 or more home improvent shops. I.e… Lowes.

20 06 2013

*FINALLY* got my Yelpus Maximus yesterday: 3650 total check-ins (29 check-ins this week)

21 06 2013

There is also a Turkey badge if you check-in overseas in Turkey. Next vacation? I’ve unlocked it if you want a screen-shot.

26 06 2013

Yes! I need screenshots of all the country ones if anyone has them! you can email them to smalltownbigcincy [at] gmail {dot} com

27 06 2013

i can’t get the master or the yelpus maximus badges. i have 902 checkins. what gives.?

2 07 2013

If it makes you feel any better I can’t get it either :-/

7 10 2013
Mr. Scamper

There’s a recency bias … Master is 200 in the last 2 [or 3] months

30 06 2013

wow I can’t get this brewed awakening, I have been checking in so many coffee shops before 8am and nothing!

2 07 2013

Is the venue actually marked as coffee shop first? I’ve had the issue of things being miscategorized and screwing stuff up…

2 07 2013

Yes all of them are coffee shops. Starbucks is the main one and few more. I have over 20 check ins before 8am and nothing.

7 10 2013
Mr. Scamper

I too have a similar problem. I’ve managed 15-20 check-ins before 8 AM. I did R, F, Sat, M, T, W, R, F, M over the last 2 weeks.

So, I’m left with 3 possibles:

1) Check-in every morning during a particular Yelp week [Mon-Sun]
2) Check-in every 7-8 consecutive mornings
3) Check-in each day of the week [non-consecutive]

5 02 2015

FINALLY got brewed awakening today! About 2 dozen check-ins later. It shows the check-ins and dates under the badge and there was no rhyme or reason to what they chose. There were 10 listed. All were marked under coffee & tea except one which was listed only under donuts (weird). Most of the ones they chose were Starbuck’s & Tim Horton’s.

7 07 2013

I got “tool legit” by checking into 3 different Lowes Home Improvement Stores in 8 days. Pretty sure it just needs to be 3 check ins to home improvement stores.

10 07 2013

New Yelp country and new country badge: Czech Republic!

11 07 2013

There is also a New Zealand badge.

25 07 2013

I’ve reviewed about 13 places that I checked into. Why isn’t my true yelper badge showing up?? I feel I’ve earned this one!

30 08 2013
Danger Portay

To help a lot of people out:
“Tool Legit” Badge- check into 3-4 hardware stores.

“Framed”Badge- check into 3-4 art galleries

“High Roller” Badge- check into 4-5 “$$$$” rates places

That’s all I have for now more to come!!!

2 10 2013
Mr. Scamper

Maverick is for 3 check-ins at 2 star (or less) places – on separate days. The weird thing is that it randomly picks which ones to use. I probably had 7+ check-ins across 7 days [and it only picked 3]

2 10 2013
Mr. Scamper

2 check-ins … total [badge list displays last 20 check-ins]

25 check-ins … total [badge list displays last 20 check-ins]

3 Separate Bars/Pubs/Karaoke on 3 Separate [consecutive?] Days

3 Check-ins at Children’s Clothing/Preschools – can be same day

Big Night
5 Separate Check-Ins after 8 PM on the same night [but my badge claims 15 others just prior to that night – so I think you need 20+ check-ins total]

Carrot Top
3 Check-ins on different days to [can be the same] Vegetarian restaurants

3 check-ins at 3 Separate Domestic [Dry Cleaning/Groceries/Hardware] places – some can be from same day, may need 2 days

3 check-ins at 3 separate artsy [Art Schools/Art Galleries/Framing] places on 3 separate days

3 check-ins at 2 star (or less) places – on separate days. The weird thing is that it randomly picks which ones to use. I probably had 7+ check-ins across 7 days [and it only picked 3]

Global Domination
6 Check-ins at different international cuisines – some can be from same day

Gym junkie
4 check-in at [separate?] fitness/gyms – some can be from same day, may need 2 days

6 check-ins at [separate?] Mexican places – some can be from same day

Mobile Streaker
Check in for 7 straight days – [badge list displays last 20 check-ins]

4 separate bar check-in in 1 night

Tool Legit
3 check-ins at hardware stores [can be the same one]

Tree Hugger
3 check-ins at 3 separate parks [at least 2 days]

7 10 2013
Mr. Scamper

200 check-ins … in the last 2 (maybe 3) months. I am at 260 total – I just got mine. Yelping since November 2011 (first 20 months – maybe 40 check-ins), so there’s definitely a recency bias

Yelpus Maximus
– based on Master, I’m guessing it’s 600 within 6 months (a year?)

Check into 6 Ice Cream/Froyo Shops – some can be from same day

3 check-ins to beauty salons/places (spas, yoga, beauty, tanning ) – can be on same day

3 Check-ins at Arcades/Comic Book shops – can be on same day.

High Roller
3 check-ins at 4 dollar ($$$$) places – can be on the same day

3 check-ins at Steak houses – some can be from same day, can use same location multiple times

Sushi Sensei
*Check in to 6 different sushi restaurants, some can be from same day

True Yelper
– not sure about this, I’m at 19 reviews (all within the last month). I’ve reviewed 19 of my 20 places where I’m a regular [and my 5 Dukedoms]. Still no badge

7 10 2013
Mr. Scamper

*lol* had I waited until I wrote review #20 …

True Yelper
20 reviews of places you’ve checked in to

30 12 2013

I have over 300 check ins and still have not gotten the master badge

17 02 2014
Brian Eldridge

I earned the Glamorama badge with check-ins at two barber shops and a tattoo shop.
Getting a couple hair cuts and a tattoo makes me glamorous? WTF?
Been in a back and forth with Yelp as they unsuccessfully try to remove the badge from my profile! Lame!

26 02 2014
Nathan H.

Re: the Breakfast Club badge…
It is similar to the instigator requirements where you and two Yelp! friends have to check in within an hour (I believe), but here the check ins have to be for breakfast. That is, a place whose category shows breakfast; something listed as ‘coffee’ doesn’t seem to work for this.
Source: Yelp! Elite (and totally addicted) for 5 or so years.
Cheers! Thanks for the list, I’ve referred to it often!

15 04 2014

Another website claims there is a “First to Tip” badge. Anyone have this??

15 04 2014

I’ve only seen the little icon above/next to your tip, never seen an actual profile badge

17 04 2014

How come they do not have Yelp in South America. I have been down here for 2 weeks and there’s nothing.

17 04 2014

I know!! They don’t have it in Mexico either :( I can’t review half my trips I’ve taken!

1 07 2014

Can you also post country badges? I have Turkey, Portugal and the UK but im just curious to see what the other ones look like. P.S spain doesnt have one for some reason.

1 07 2014

Yes! I’m working on that! But only have a few screenshots! If you have them please email them! :)

26 11 2014

I’ve seen: Turkey, Singapore, UK, Portugal, Hong Kong, Poland, Czech Republic (and Chile of all places). No Netherlands, Ireland, France, Italy, Sweden, Canada or Mexico badges exist (yet) to my knowledge. Strange.

25 09 2014
mike "insomnisnack"

Framed was triggered when I visited three art galleries within two days. Statesman does not require airports just different states.

Any thoughts on why I don’t have Master? I have like 500 checkins I think.

14 10 2014

Hi. Thank you for putting together this lost for all of us 👏

I got the Statesman by driving cross-country. I checked in at 3 different places (anything – food, hotel, random) from 3 different states in one night.

16 10 2014
Andrew Smith

If anyone has any info on the brewed awakening badge pls let me know ive been trying for months, Yelp support said it’s not just the time of day that counts towards this badge.
I’ve tried writing reviews & leaving tips but still no unlock so any help would be appreciated.

P.S there is a Hong Kong Badge active


28 10 2014

I have been yelping for over a year and I have several badges (not all that I’m supposed to and not sure why) but I was trying to see them online – is that possible or are they just for the mobile app?

26 11 2014

Anyone know if there’s a badge for Canada? I live 20 minutes from the Canadian border so it shouldn’t be hard to get this one!

Also can’t seem to get Statesman badge despite the fact that in a 12 hour period I went from Orlando to Michigan to Indiana. Checked in at the airports, train station, restaurants, and a several drug stores/grocery stores. Seems there’s no set method for earning some of these badges.

24 12 2014

Whelp, went to Canada yesterday and there’s no badge. This stinks :(

12 01 2015
Irene Hyland

This would be easier to figure out if it were graphed, as the top one is cut off. Some info differs. I can’t seem to get soused, but I got the other bar one and the dance one. I can’t get the coffee one, no matter how many coffee houses
I have gone to before 8 am. I can’t figure out the breakfast one or the daredevil one. Can any one assist? Thank you.

15 01 2015
Irene Hyland

I got the brewed awakening badge by going to 8 different and some repeat coffee shops before 8 am. It must be listed as a “coffee shop” first on the description and the check-ins must be before 8 AM. : )

20 01 2015
Irene Hyland

Yippee! I finally got soused last night, checking into 4 bars, not restaurant/bars.

Still looking for Daredevil, Carrot Top and Statesman.

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