Bluegrass for Babies + GIVEAWAY

15 09 2014


Saturday September 20th from 3-9pm, will be the 6th annual Bluegrass for Babies concert at Sawyer Point benefiting Cincinnati Children’s. There will be performances by some of the region’s top bluegrass bands, family-friendly activities, a variety of vendors, local and organic concessions, giveaways from exhibitors, and more. Co-founder Anne Schneider says about the event:

“We created Bluegrass for Babies to not only raise funds for the hospital, but with the goal to also also educate parents on raising healthy children. What really sets us apart is that we implement our three pillars of preventative health – nutrition, toxin awareness, and waste management – throughout the Bluegrass for Babies concert. We offer real, non-processed food options like apples, guacamole, and sustainably raised local meats, and feature organic and locally sourced concessions and vendors, as well as family safe skincare products. We also strive to be a zero-waste event, offering water refill stations, creative recycling options, and by composting of all concessions, and service ware.”

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On top of the music and vendors there are 6 interactive areas as well!

Farmer’s Market: Nutrition and food are key components of setting the foundation for healthy lives. The Farmer’s Market features real, non-processed food options like apples, local sustainably raised burgers, gluten-free grilled cheeses, locally made desserts, and more. And, none of the food or drink options contain any high fructose corn syrup.

Healthy Home:  The Healthy Home Experience features activities provided by local experts on home building design and resources, waste management, baby care products, and more.

Family Wellness:  Visit the Family Wellness Experience to learn about relaxation techniques, skincare, family financial plans, pediatric health tips, and more.

Let’s get Moving!: Children of all ages will enjoy a variety of movement activities on the lawn including soccer, basketball and more.

Art & Music: Children of all ages will enjoy exploring new instruments, creating new masterpieces, and more.

Toddler Play Experience: The Toddler Play Experience allows parents to enjoy some of the area’s best bluegrass music and a refreshing beverage in a worry free environment. We have created a contained location on the lawn with many of your toddler’s favorite play activities.

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And the lineup:

3:00pm: Ma Crow & The Lady Slippers

5:00pm: The Comet Bluegrass All-Stars

6:45pm: Hickory Robot.

Special guest Jennifer Ellis will perform her popular children’s songs at 4:15pm.

Tickets for the benefit concert are $15 for adults in advance and $20 day of, with children admitted for free. Presale period ends Friday, September 19, 2013 at 10:00 PM.  Tickets can be purchased at Parking is $8 in the Sawyer Point parking lot. Discounted tickets are available for groups of 10+ adults until Friday, September 19.  Please contact for more detail

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Don’t want to pay? You’re in luck! I have a pair of tickets to giveaway for the event! You’ll also get a gift card for Mama Mia’s pizza! Why the pizza? Bluegrass for Babies will be offering Mama Mia’s pizza this year. 100% of your purchase of from the Mama Mimi’s Pizza Booth will be used towards our donation to Cincinnati Children’s.  And if you need another excuse to grab a slice, Mama Mimi’s uses only high quality, fresh ingredients in their pies! So enter below and I’ll pick a winner This Weds at noon!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Healthy Roots Foundation is a Cincinnati; Ohio based non-profit organization that helps provide families with the knowledge to make the best choices to raise healthy children. The organization achieves its mission by partnering with health care providers, educators, and local experts to provide educational tools that teach families how to create a healthy home, right from the start.  The Healthy Roots Foundation’s mission of supporting pioneering children’s health research and creating innovative family health education programs is reflected at its signature fundraising events: Bluegrass for Babies and Midsummer Harvest.  Since 2009, the organization has raised over $100,000 to support innovative children’s health research and educational programs through their partnership with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.  For more information on the Healthy Roots Foundation or their events, please call 513-549-1838 or visit

Beginners Guide to MidPoint Music Festival

7 10 2013

I finally made it to my first MidPoint Music Festival! I had been a little leery as it seemed SOooo… overwhelming to a newbie. Its also the reason I haven’t checked out the Fringe Festival and the Film Fest either… There’s no kind of beginners guide and there’s so many places and things and options that I just think I’d get lost or spend a bunch of money.


These things will mark any and all venues for you!

I was lucky enough to win a 3 day wristband from 4EG (shout out: Thanks guys!@ Go check out their bars!) and I figured now was a good a time as any to go at it! Unfortunately though, the hubby was out of luck, but we decided to see what all the fuss was about anyways and see if we could spend as little as possible. I’m happy to report, that this event can be done for completely free if you’d like!


First up is the MidPoint Midway set up on 12th Street between Vine and Walnut in OtR. You could spend all night here for free, or almost free if you’d like! There’s a stage set up at one end that is constantly hosting a band, so there’s free venue #1. If you’re looking to purchase tickets or wristbands or get information, you’ll find the main tent for the festival here set up in the parking lot. As you walk past there stage you’ll come across the Box Truck Carnival. This is where the fun is.


The Rockomatic Truck

There’s roughly about 10 or so rental trucks decked out for weekend from different groups. My favorite by far was the Rockomatic truck. Your first ticket was free and they had old school side show themed “games”. A fortune teller, a VIP booth, an info booth to get band aids or earplugs and more. They were having a lot of fun and we walked away with a Bruce Springsteen 8track! Yeah you read that right, it’s hipster bait in the plastic lol.


The Rockomatic Truck

There was also a karaoke truck, open mic truck, tattoo truck, a poetry truck and more! It was a lot of fun, and didn’t cost anything extra unless we wanted it to. Halfway down the midway in the parking lot next to Know Theatre was the beer and food truck lot. I mean really, this was the only place we spent money at, but it was worth it for a Goetta Dog.


More box truck carnival action

While the hubby waited in line to get a marker tattoo done, I decided to use my wristband and head over to the Know Theatre to check out some bands. This is where if you know which bands you want to see you can plan out where to go. If you’re looking for one venue to go to, i recommend Know, as they utilize both floors with a band upstairs and one downstairs!


The Plaid Dragons upstairs at the Know Theatre


I’m really glad i stumbled upon The Plaid Dragons! I really like their sound! So I guess MPMF did it’s job right?!

Getting an all day wristband will maximize who you get to see, but picking one venue and sticking with it will stretch your dollar if you don’t really know any particular band and just want to hang out and listen to new music. Each venue has a different cover charge for the festival if you choose. As far as I know I would assume you could come back to the same venue once you’ve been, but I didn’t really have to test that theory.


A band performing downstairs at Know Theatre

Checking out the schedule every day will help to plan things as well. It also gives you the cover charges you need too. Now if you really wanted to could you stand outside Washington Park and listen? Or sit clear on the other side? Yeah. So that could make it cheaper, but you’re not really getting the full effect. That would be like standing outside on the sidewalk at Arnold’s or Grammer’s and trying to understand the band playing. It just doesn’t work and isn’t very much fun.


MidPoint Midway Stage


MidPoint Midway Stage

So basically, plan out your plan of attack. Do you want to go the cheap route or the enjoyable route or the I-want-to-see-everything-possible route? That will decide if you do venue covers, all day passes or all weekend wristbands, About a month before the festival, groups such as 4EG will have contests for wristbands. Each of their bars does a separate giveaway, so get in on all of them if you’re a cheapskate like me 😛 Or just feel overwhelmed by the whole thing. You can really can go and do and spend as little or as much as you want! The choice is totally up to you! But don’t let the fear stop you from having a rocking good time!

Have you been going for years? First time? Any other tidbits of advice?

Cincinnati Symphony Brass Quarter

6 09 2013

Yesterday i got to have one of the best lunch breaks I’ve had in awhile. Which means I didn’t just go home and veg out or take a nap. I went with a coworker to Evendale’s Municipal Complex, where the Cincinnati Symphony had a brass quartet playing!


We pulled up some lawn chairs and a blanket, sat in the shade an enjoyed an hour of Renaissance and German/Oktoberfest music. There were boxed lunches for sale as well. I’m hoping they do a lot more of these to stretch out the “Summer” (I can dream right?)



Boys Like Girls

15 10 2012

Boys Like Girls did a benefit concert at Jefferson Hall last night “Boys for Breast Cancer” with only a $5 admission. They are performing tonight in Indianapolis.


I ended up winning meet and greet passes from Q102 here in town and a couple girlfriends decided to Accompany me. These guys were the coolest, nicest famous people I’ve ever met. They asked about the reds, we talked about crappy Cincinnati traffic, it was fun!

I guess they were



I guess they were supposed to play at Q102’s Bosom Ball for Breast Cancer on Thursday, but had to decline. But they still wanted to do something for the cause, and took the short drive to Cincy. The admission for the concert was $5 with all precedes going to Susan G Koman. They raised $700 last night.


From what I heard, BLG was only going to do 4-6 songs but ended up doing about 10 acoustic songs. For one song, they decided to do “Two is Better Than One”, but didn’t have Taylor Swift to sing with. One young girl stepped up to the plate (above). I’m hoping once YouTube cooperates ill have some videos uploaded and attached. So check back for it! And Thanks BLG! It was a great intimate fun concert 🙂

See all the pictures from Q102


World Choir Games – McAuley Friendship Concert

10 07 2012

Thanks to a friend getting tickets for a dinner/drinks event which included tickets to McAuley High Schools Friendship Concert, I was finally able to get out and check one of the World Choir Games events out.

A local Cincinnati Bollywood dance troupe started out the night.

I loved that they added a dance element to this location. Dance groups are not an actual part of the competition, but in the spirit of the games, they do occasionally have some local young peoples groups perform at their Friendship Concerts, because as the name states, that’s really what its about. The Friendship Concerts are free to the public (though in cases like this where it’s indoors, seating and tickets are limited, so you still need to get them ahead of time) and they include a different grouping of choirs, as you’ll see below.

The Erie, Pennsylvania Young Peoples Chorus

These are not the competition part of the games, but a way to practice, or get out there, and just have fun. Erie, had not had their competition as of Sunday night when they performed, and I wish them luck for when they do. They had a combined mens, womens, and mixed chorus for the games. Their selections were fun and the group had fun with them.

The lone international choir of the night from Columbia.

Thankfully, there was also an international group thrown in. This group was very entertaining. From the sounds of it not many of them spoke English as one of the group, and not the director was the one introducing the songs, and they were done in Spanish. A lot of their songs were rhythm based, including one written by their director!

McAuley/LaSalle High School Show Choir doing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

The last group to perform, and what I assume led to the crazy crowd that spilled out into the cafeteria, was the McAuley/LaSalle Show choir. For those not hip to Cincinnati Schools, McAuley, is an all girls school and likewise, LaSalle is an all boys school. I think its awesome that the schools can team up for things such as a show choir. And another bonus for them, is that show choirs is a new category this year for the games. Now that may have stemmed from an influx of wanting to participate, or low numbers, but part of me thinks that Glee has something to do with all of this… But thats just speculation.

Being an ex-show choir performer, I though they did a bang up job! They had creative dance moves, and not just your run of the mill box step and jazz hands, but they were actually fully choreographed. Including ukelele’s during Somewhere Over the Rainbow. They had a good selection of fun upbeat music that got people at least head bobbing.

Seriously, if you get the chance check out a concert. most only go an hour or two. The Friendship Concerts again are totally free, and can be found anywhere, even Dayton! I’ve seen a few in Fairfield, Loveland, Norther Kentucky, so there’s not excuse about it being too far away or not wanting to go downtown. Also come check out the Parade tonight at 6pm from Duke to Fountain Square and stick around for a Nations Party afterwards. You never know what might happen, as attributed to this article on the Choir Games blog. 🙂

Crazy busy weekend in Cincy

25 08 2011

Ok so the past few weeks, I was all looking forward to this weekend, and relaxing as I had absolutely nothing planned. But now? Oh now… There is not going to be enough hours in the day to cram everything in. So if you’re like me, come, join in my insane misery 😛

Option #1:

Taste of Blue Ash

Yes this event is similar to Taste of Cincinnati, only more locally focused. Yes there will be amazing food and lots of it, but thats not the draw. The entertainment, is what I will going for. Friday @9pm is Pat Benatar, so ladies, this would be a great girls night out. Saturday @9pm is REO Speedwagon. You can find me front and center for that concert! and Sunday @7:30 is Creedance Clearwater Revisited. This is going to be my first time out, and it sounds amazing!! And best of all?! The concerts are FREE!!


Option #2

Brew Ha Ha

This is another first for me. But from what I hear, it involves, lots of beer, and lots of laughs. It’s held at Sawyer Point on the River, and it boasts 50 Comedians on 3 stages and 100 beers.  Friday Night @9 is Bert “The Machine” Kreischer. Again, this is where I will be. If you’ve never seen him live, or are a fan of his “Bert the Conqueror” show on Travel Channel, GO! He’s freakin hilarious! Saturday night @9:50 is Caroline Rhea. And yet again, the beer samples will cost you, but the Comedy is FREE!!


Option #3

Summer Music Series

Fountain Square is already one rocking place to be. Throw in Free concerts and a great urban setting, and you got yourself a party!


Option #4

Germania Society’s Oktoberfest

No this is not the big Oktoberfest Zinzinnati. This is the Slightly smaller, slightly more authentic Oktoberfest at Germania Park on Kemper Road. It may not be the huge drunken party, but you can make sure the liederhosen still fit from last year, and get an early start on the festivities 🙂 That and they have Spaetzel 🙂 nom!


Option #5

Grease at the Drive In!

Holiday Auto Theatre is located in Hamilton. If you’ve never gone, you are missing out!! Occasionally this place has good ol throw back weekends. This weekend would be one of them… kinda. The first movie is Spy Kids 4million (or something like that) @ 8:30 but then @ 10:30 They’re going old school and showing Grease! I mean if you love or hate the movie, you gotta admit it would be awesome to see it like in the movie! (Just don’t ditch your date 😉 ) Trust me, I went and saw The Wizard of Oz at 20 Century theater in Oakley thanks to Watch This, and it was magnificent to see on the big screen! Although I’m not sure if more kids/teens or more grownups will be singing along. 😛


Will I make it to everything? Probably not… But I will definitely be checking out Bert on Friday, and REO on Sat, and i really really wanna get out to see Grease

Day 22 of 30 Days in Photos

17 03 2011

Day 22 – A picture of something you wish you were better at


My cute/awesome little acoustic I've had for like 6-7 years

I’ve had the thing for a few years, and still can’t play more than a few chords and a Green Day song or 2… But that could also be because my youngest brother steals it to play with this friends a lot too 😛