August 22-24 End of Summer Events

20 08 2014

Summer draws to a close and Fall seems to creep in. The kids are going back to school, you’re commute is lengthened behind busses and through school zones, the weather gets a little chillier, and you’re just waiting around for the WEBN fireworks Labor Day Weekend to officially end the summer season in Cincinnati. But this weekend holds a bunch of events to hold you out just a little bit longer and enjoy the great outdoors.

Germania Park Oktoberfest


And it starts… The drinking season…errr.. I mean Oktoberfest season. And this is a great one to kick off the season and one of my favorites! The Germania Society opens their gorgeous park for biergartens, rides, games, authentic German food and wares. Admission is $3 for anyone over 12 years of age, and prices are very reasonable for a festival. They also have large steins of beer for purchase! There are rides and playgrounds for the kids and beer, polka music, and games for the adults. I recommend taking use of their shuttle service. They’re open Friday 6pm-Midnight, Saturday 2pm – Midnight and Sunday Noon -10pm.


Taste of Blue Ash


 Is held at the new Summit Park this year (the old Blue Ash Airport). They have an extensive list of vendors (below) and offer some amazing entertainment! So browse and eat to your hearts content and then enjoy a FREE concert fr0m some awesome artists! This year’s lineup is:

6:30pm Hollywood Nights (Bob Seger Tribute Band
9:00pm Charlie Daniel’s Band

7:00pm TOTO
9:00pm Michael McDonald (of the Doobie Brothers)

5:30pm Pistol Holler
7:30pm Kellie Pickler

1. Vonderhaar’s
2. El Pueblo
3. Buona Terra
4. Arloi Dee Thai Bistro
5. City BBQ
6. Rusty Bucket
7. Alfio’s Buon Cibo
8. Busken Bakery
9. Buffalo Wild Wings
10. La Petite France
11. Streetpops
12. Rascals NY Deli
13. Culvers of Mason
14. Delicio Coal Fired Grill
15. Graeters
16. Café Mediterranean
17. Slatt’s Pub
18. Puffins Café
19. The Cincinnati Grill
20. Cascades
21. J. Gumbo’s
22. Orange Leaf
23. Bangkok Terrace
24. Qdoba Mexican Grill
25. The Melting Pot

Brew Ha Ha


 If you like comedians and beer, then this is the perfect place for you! More than 100 beers, and 50+ comedians take over Sawyer Point for the weekend. You can enjoy the comedy absolutely FREE! and the beer will cost you a $5 wristband (so basically an admission to drink) then $1 a beer ticket. You can enjoy sampling that way or 5 tickets will get you a full serving if that’s more you’re thing.

Thursday, Aug. 21st from 5pm to 12 Midnight
Headliner: Josh Sneed

Friday, Aug 22nd from 5pm to 12 Midnight
Headliner: The Sklar Brothers

Saturday, Aug 23rd from 4pm to 12 Midnight
Headliner: David Alan Grier

So lots of choices to check out and make an entire weekend of it!


Lincoln Off the Menu

19 09 2013

So shiny…!

A few weeks ago, Lincoln approached me about an Off the Menu event they were having downtown on Fountain Square, and Via Vite. Being a lover of cars (yes I’m a girl, I know cars, get over it) and never trying out Via Vite before (again I know!) I figured this sounded great!


My carriage for the evening

Hubby and myself each got to drive the Lincoln MKX around downtown. We had a choice between that or the MKZ, but since we’re looking at more of a crossover/hauling vehicle next (in like 5 years), we figured we might as well check it out!


Don’t worry, I was stuck behind the bus, but don’t i look good in this?!

Now when I thought of Lincoln’s, I thought wood paneling, leather everything, no technology, car my grandparents drive that never seems to go fast enough… Ok, I was way wrong! I admit it. The MKX was really really nice! Didn’t seem huge, had all the bells and whistles and had a huge moonroof, and back seat sunroof. I was highly impressed. See they did their job.



I love the huge sun roof! panoramic everything downtown!

The event was open to anyone. You could walk right up off the street and check one out sitting on Fountain Square, or go test drive one yourself! And as an added bonus? You got a $20 discount for catching dinner at Via Vite that night! Win win really. I always thought Via Vite was more upscale, expensive, dressy food. I was only half right. It is nice in there, but we saw a crowd from suits and ties, to jeans and t shirts. And the food for 2 people and alcohol is easily under $40!! if not $30!

I heard there was a nice tasting menu, as the event states of food “Off the Menu” but a communication issue led to me not being able to tell you about that.


Veal meatballs, delicious!


White clam pizza. Also awesome!

You may have missed your chance in Cincinnati, but they’re headed to Columbus and Cleveland, so if you’re there, stop by, drive a swanky car, and have some delicious food!


Dates: September 20th & 21st – 5:00PM- 9:30pm
Location: Refectory Restaurant & Bistro, 1092 Bethel Rd., Columbus, OH 43220,

Dates & Times: September 25  & 26th, 5:00PM- 11:00PM
Location: Fahrenheit, 2417 Professor Ave., Cleveland, OH 44113,



And get your pic at the swanky photo booth!


*Disclaimer: Lincoln picked up my Via Vite tab and let me know about the event. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated for this post*


Diner en Blanc 2013

14 09 2013

A week ago was the 2nd year for Cincinnati’s Diner en Blanc, and it surpassed all expectations again! (If you want to look at last years click here.)




Jugglers to pass the time as tables were set up


Bus Arrival


Getting all set up

This year took place in beautiful Washington Park in Over the Rhine. This was the guess of a good population of the people. But it was also the guess last year. It was the perfect spot to fit 1700 people. Yes 1700 people. Double that of last year. At times if felt like there were that many people, but other times, you couldn’t tell there were more than 100.


I love this beach themed table going on!


Awesome peoples awesome tables


My rockin table and my neighbors


Great friends, great food, great wine. Couldn’t ask for more


And when day gives way to night, again the sparklers come out and the music picks up, and everyone flocks to the dance floor. Ok, most people. Some others just like to kick back and relax with friends. But this year it was nice to saunter on over to the fountains and take in the beauty from there. And also to cool down.


All lit up at night


Sparkler time to signify the end of dinner


I caught a 5chw4r7z


Lit up tables at night


I don’t know who this couple is but they totally get my vote for best dressed! Love it!


You can see the expanse of people/space


You can see the expanse of people/space

I think most people took the fountains as a great photo op, and that it was. It was relaxing whether you were playing in them or sitting on the benches next to them. It was a sight to see and added that much more to the event.


I loved seeing all the people posing with the fountains!



This is one of my favorite shots of the entire evening

Framester photos can be found here for the Sidewalk and here for the Grassy Knoll

All of my personal photos can be found on facebook here. Feel free to tag yourselves or friends!


One thing that truly amazes me is the amount of “negativity” that I’ve seen surrounding the event this year… when not a single word was uttered last year. Mind you though, the negative things I’ve been hearing have ALL been from people who haven’t attended the event. To the naysayers or the people who just don’t get it… I invite you to try it next year. Go over to the Diner en Blanc website and get on the waitlist. Give it one try. For those that are looking at the expense, rent tables and chairs. Save that one night out that you’d go to a nice restaurant and spend that amount of money on anyways and try it. For one year. If you still “don’t get it” then you don’t have to come back. But I don’t know of a single person last year that said “I’m never doing this again”. Give it a whirl, and then you can be negative about it all you want… but please not before. And those that are just looking at the money aspect, you’re completely missing the point of a fun, different evening out mingling with old and making new friends.

Taco Bells Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos

7 03 2013

So…. What happens when you get a tweet and then a phone call on a Friday night, and plans are made for Sunday afternoon? What happens when the phone call happens to come from Taco Bell? If you’re me, a lot of confusion at first.

I debated putting this on my personal blog or here, but figured since it happened in Cincy, and Fox19 even covered it, I figured why not. And I’ve had lots of questions, about what happened and why me… Honestly, I still don’t know.

If you check out Taco Bell’s YouTube page, they’ve done a view other things in other cities such as Dallas, Seattle, New York and LA, promoting their new Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos. The Taco Bell people wouldn’t give me any information “because that would ruin the fun and surprises”. All they told me was that my husband could come along and they would send a car to pick me up.


This is what pulled up in front of my house.


When they said “send a car” I wasn’t expecting a white limo to pull up in front of my house! My neighbors didn’t quite know what to think either. Then it was out turn to be further confused as the limo passed where we would turn to go to TB… And then past the highway, and then 2 neighborhoods farther…. And then we started back tracking…. Finally we pulled up in front of the Lincoln Heights Taco Bell across from GE and i was presented with a sash that said Mayor Rachel and was walked in the door, as seen in the video.


There happened to be a group of guys from Colerain High School there as well, who the production crew got in on the action. I’m almost afraid to say this… but I think a few of them were way more excited than I was about this whole ordeal 😉 Some friends of mine showed up, and my neighbors, who couldn’t miss out on something like this as well 😛 And they presented me with a Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco to share… and then…


Yes… that’s a dozen tacos…

Boxes full of a donzen Cool Ranch tacos started coming out from the back. You’d think the 30-ish people in the restaurant hadn’t eaten in 3 days! They were devoured. But the staff was on it and more boxes came out! It was a never ending cycle of tacos! I gave them to random people that walked in to get tacos, who had no idea what to think of the cameras stationed around the restaurant and the 3 guys walking around with cameras and microphones. It was crazy. I don’t think I could ever be famous, because having someone follow me around with a camera for 2 hours was a little unnerving at times 😛


Pretty much how the day went down… photo courtesy of @CincySteve


myself, Kyle the awesome manager who came in on his day off for this, and our director who hadn’t even tried one of these tacos til the end of filming!


The awesome production crew 🙂

See the commercial here:

It was a lot of fun, the crew was great, the staff was awesome, and some random people got to get in on the action as well! I still can’t make heads or tails of why they picked Cincinnati, or why they picked that particular Taco Bell that i happened to be foursquare mayor of… but I’m glad they did! It was way too much fun! Now go get a Cool Ranch Dorito Locos Taco and let me know if you thought it was as delicious as i did!! The mayor says so 😉


8 01 2013

The back bar in Kaze

OtR has yet a new joint open. This one with sushi! It’s great to see all the new restaurants opening up, especially when they cater to different people. Bakersfield’s tacos were welcomed, and now a Japanese place, in which a partner, Hadeki, is actually Japanese!


Bamboo lined hallway connecting the dining room and separate bar


The almost finished dining room


Sushi bar

I got to meet John, the owner the other night when we stopped in for sushi, pork belly buns and drinks. He really cares about the neighborhood and what he’s doing. He was incredibly welcoming and gave us the run down of what was going on. He also told us that dining room would officially be open on Monday the 14th! It’s very clean and laid out well. He said they still had to add screens around the booths along the wall. It’s going to be “very personal dining”. You’ll have the booths to yourselves, and can kind of forget about everyone else out there.

You can also just pull up to the counter if you’re just wanting some in and out sushi. I of course had to go with their basic California Roll, because if a place screws that up, you’re in trouble. While I wished I had a few more pieces, as an appetizer it was perfect. It wasn’t enough to fill you up, but was enough for a small meal. And the taste and texture was perfect and fresh. The avocado was under the roll presented on the plate, which took me a few bites to realize, but it was really good. The Cobra Roll with the jalapeno was ok. Jalapeno’s not too spicy, but the texture was a little off for me, the Hubby enjoyed it though.

And then the pork belly buns… disclaimer, I don’t care for pork. There are very few pork products I will eat, don’t hurt me. But this… this was delicious! Just the right amount of glaze, some sore of sprout topping that paired perfectly and squishy steamed bun. It was amazing!


fyi girls, you have to take an elevator down to get to your restroom.

John of course also told us we had to check out the bathrooms. The mens had some very tastefully provocative art work on the walls. Very Lady GaGa-esque. Ther womens was a whole bright room of its own.


Beta fish at the bar


Sake Sangria

If you like fruity, and sangria, I totally suggest the Sake Sangria. It’s sweet though, but too overly in your face. You get the plum, the apple, the pear. It packs a punch though, be warned. There are also beta fish at the bar, and if you ask you can find fight stats for them. It’s kind of interesting really. The kitchen is open til midnight every night, so I suggest a stop. There’s a separate entrance for the bar around the corner as an fyi.


Left: Cobra Roll Right: California Roll

Play Me, Jungle Jims

17 08 2010

Ok so this weekend after playing some killer softball for the Jerry’s Kids MDA Softball Tourney (which happens to be the world’s largest softball tournament for Muscular Dystrophy) and taking an awesome 3rd place!! up from our 4th place finish last year, (way to go Professional Floor Service Ladies!) It was back to Cincy and time to take some noobs to Jungle Jims.

And of course… they had a piano there too 😀 My whole family took their turns on it. And I must say, this may not be the prettiest looking one out there. It has definately seen better days, but man, it has Thee most Gorgeous sound to it! Just wow.



I wished I had gotten pictures of the little boys faces when they saw the lobsters and the fish in the vats. Priceless!