Collective Espresso

30 01 2013


On Woodward St, just down from Neon’s is a much needed espresso shop in OtR. Now that the weather is getting a little colder (maybe, hopefully?) this is a great place to get a steaming hot fresh cup of yummy!


Mmmm… cappucino!




These guys are really passionate about what they do, and making sure you have an awesome cup. If you ask, they’ll explain anything to you. They order their drinks on the board from most caffinated to least, so you know what you’re getting into, whether its in the morning, or as a night cap, you’ll get what you want.

You can take a seat at the bar and watch everything being made. You won’t get coffee sitting in a pot for hours here either. They filter the coffee right there, so it’ll take some time (5 minutes-ish) but it’s going to be fresh and wonderful! If you’re in the area definitely check them out!


Japp’s Since 1879 Grand Opening

23 06 2011


Japp’s on Main St in Over-the-Rhine, officially opens today! I got the joy of swinging by last night to check them out.

This is Japps "before" pic courtesy of Japps

For those that have lived/worked/drank in OtR, the staff may seem a bit familiar. Not only is there a bartender or 2 from Neon’s, but Cincinnati’s own Molly Wellmann, now has a regular gig.

The menu is absolutely crazy at this place!

I will definitely have to try some of these wines!

I decided to be brave and try the Van Gogh. Mainly for the last part of the description:

Absinthe, Iced Coffee, orgeat, Orange Peel, and Raw Sugar, on fire over ice.

The Van Gogh

That was truly an experience. I thought it would be overly licorice/absinthe tasting, but for a bit it was more coffee overpowered (which i was grateful for trust me). Slipping the orange in the drink did it just right for me though. Who would have ever thought that coffee, absinthe, and orange would go so great together!

If someone could tell me who their first dollar came from, that would be awesome!

Now this is not your run of the mill, crazy, loud bar. It’s more the relaxed, chill, yet more towards classy atmosphere.

Classy Boxing

In fact thats why I love it! The atmosphere is amazing! The drinks are a little on the higher end, but when you think about the time, and care, and amazing ingredients they put into them, its all worth it. And thats another thing, if you’ve never had Molly make you a drink you’re in for a treat. Yes this place won’t have your drink straight up to you in a matter of seconds, but that’s ok with me. They make it right, and right for you.

They have their own coffee grinders, syphons, and espresso machines.

You can get coffee straight up or in their signature coffee cocktails like the Van Gogh

They also cater to the local and craft beer scene.

The seating area across from the bar, offers canopys from the old looms, dug up from the basement and upstairs of the original factory.

The seating area is magnificent!

A view thats almost the opposite of the 2nd picture rom "before" (And yes they have a juke box) 🙂

This place I think will cater to a slightly different crowd that the other bars in OtR, and its a perfect fit in the neighborhood. I can’t wait to see what concoctions and craft coffee cocktails they come up with next. And that, along with the great staff, is what will keep me coming back 🙂