Bluegrass for Babies + GIVEAWAY

15 09 2014


Saturday September 20th from 3-9pm, will be the 6th annual Bluegrass for Babies concert at Sawyer Point benefiting Cincinnati Children’s. There will be performances by some of the region’s top bluegrass bands, family-friendly activities, a variety of vendors, local and organic concessions, giveaways from exhibitors, and more. Co-founder Anne Schneider says about the event:

“We created Bluegrass for Babies to not only raise funds for the hospital, but with the goal to also also educate parents on raising healthy children. What really sets us apart is that we implement our three pillars of preventative health – nutrition, toxin awareness, and waste management – throughout the Bluegrass for Babies concert. We offer real, non-processed food options like apples, guacamole, and sustainably raised local meats, and feature organic and locally sourced concessions and vendors, as well as family safe skincare products. We also strive to be a zero-waste event, offering water refill stations, creative recycling options, and by composting of all concessions, and service ware.”

unnamed (1)

On top of the music and vendors there are 6 interactive areas as well!

Farmer’s Market: Nutrition and food are key components of setting the foundation for healthy lives. The Farmer’s Market features real, non-processed food options like apples, local sustainably raised burgers, gluten-free grilled cheeses, locally made desserts, and more. And, none of the food or drink options contain any high fructose corn syrup.

Healthy Home:  The Healthy Home Experience features activities provided by local experts on home building design and resources, waste management, baby care products, and more.

Family Wellness:  Visit the Family Wellness Experience to learn about relaxation techniques, skincare, family financial plans, pediatric health tips, and more.

Let’s get Moving!: Children of all ages will enjoy a variety of movement activities on the lawn including soccer, basketball and more.

Art & Music: Children of all ages will enjoy exploring new instruments, creating new masterpieces, and more.

Toddler Play Experience: The Toddler Play Experience allows parents to enjoy some of the area’s best bluegrass music and a refreshing beverage in a worry free environment. We have created a contained location on the lawn with many of your toddler’s favorite play activities.

unnamed (2)

And the lineup:

3:00pm: Ma Crow & The Lady Slippers

5:00pm: The Comet Bluegrass All-Stars

6:45pm: Hickory Robot.

Special guest Jennifer Ellis will perform her popular children’s songs at 4:15pm.

Tickets for the benefit concert are $15 for adults in advance and $20 day of, with children admitted for free. Presale period ends Friday, September 19, 2013 at 10:00 PM.  Tickets can be purchased at Parking is $8 in the Sawyer Point parking lot. Discounted tickets are available for groups of 10+ adults until Friday, September 19.  Please contact for more detail

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Don’t want to pay? You’re in luck! I have a pair of tickets to giveaway for the event! You’ll also get a gift card for Mama Mia’s pizza! Why the pizza? Bluegrass for Babies will be offering Mama Mia’s pizza this year. 100% of your purchase of from the Mama Mimi’s Pizza Booth will be used towards our donation to Cincinnati Children’s.  And if you need another excuse to grab a slice, Mama Mimi’s uses only high quality, fresh ingredients in their pies! So enter below and I’ll pick a winner This Weds at noon!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Healthy Roots Foundation is a Cincinnati; Ohio based non-profit organization that helps provide families with the knowledge to make the best choices to raise healthy children. The organization achieves its mission by partnering with health care providers, educators, and local experts to provide educational tools that teach families how to create a healthy home, right from the start.  The Healthy Roots Foundation’s mission of supporting pioneering children’s health research and creating innovative family health education programs is reflected at its signature fundraising events: Bluegrass for Babies and Midsummer Harvest.  Since 2009, the organization has raised over $100,000 to support innovative children’s health research and educational programs through their partnership with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.  For more information on the Healthy Roots Foundation or their events, please call 513-549-1838 or visit

Cincinnati Auto Expo

22 02 2014

The Cincinnati Auto Expo is happening this weekend at the Duke Convention Center downtown. Almost all the major car brands are in attendance.  You can check out and sit in almost all of them, including the new Corvette Stingray and a Jaguar.  There’s no sales pressure here and you can’t actually buy a car at the event. The Bud Light travel bar is also in attendence as well as a few food booths. So go down and enjoy the day! Tickets are $11 at the door, or swing by Kroger to get $3 off!








I ❤ the Charger 🙂

Did you find a favorite there?  🙂

Lincoln Off the Menu

19 09 2013

So shiny…!

A few weeks ago, Lincoln approached me about an Off the Menu event they were having downtown on Fountain Square, and Via Vite. Being a lover of cars (yes I’m a girl, I know cars, get over it) and never trying out Via Vite before (again I know!) I figured this sounded great!


My carriage for the evening

Hubby and myself each got to drive the Lincoln MKX around downtown. We had a choice between that or the MKZ, but since we’re looking at more of a crossover/hauling vehicle next (in like 5 years), we figured we might as well check it out!


Don’t worry, I was stuck behind the bus, but don’t i look good in this?!

Now when I thought of Lincoln’s, I thought wood paneling, leather everything, no technology, car my grandparents drive that never seems to go fast enough… Ok, I was way wrong! I admit it. The MKX was really really nice! Didn’t seem huge, had all the bells and whistles and had a huge moonroof, and back seat sunroof. I was highly impressed. See they did their job.



I love the huge sun roof! panoramic everything downtown!

The event was open to anyone. You could walk right up off the street and check one out sitting on Fountain Square, or go test drive one yourself! And as an added bonus? You got a $20 discount for catching dinner at Via Vite that night! Win win really. I always thought Via Vite was more upscale, expensive, dressy food. I was only half right. It is nice in there, but we saw a crowd from suits and ties, to jeans and t shirts. And the food for 2 people and alcohol is easily under $40!! if not $30!

I heard there was a nice tasting menu, as the event states of food “Off the Menu” but a communication issue led to me not being able to tell you about that.


Veal meatballs, delicious!


White clam pizza. Also awesome!

You may have missed your chance in Cincinnati, but they’re headed to Columbus and Cleveland, so if you’re there, stop by, drive a swanky car, and have some delicious food!


Dates: September 20th & 21st – 5:00PM- 9:30pm
Location: Refectory Restaurant & Bistro, 1092 Bethel Rd., Columbus, OH 43220,

Dates & Times: September 25  & 26th, 5:00PM- 11:00PM
Location: Fahrenheit, 2417 Professor Ave., Cleveland, OH 44113,



And get your pic at the swanky photo booth!


*Disclaimer: Lincoln picked up my Via Vite tab and let me know about the event. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated for this post*


Cincinnati Santacon

14 12 2012

This past weekend upwards of around 500+ Santas decended on downtown and OtR Saturday. There’s was much merriement, candy canes, alcohol, and questions… And people taking pictures everywhere!

For more info check out Cincinnati Santacon.

And to make sure you don’t miss out next year RSVP now!

Fountain Square:



Toby Keith’s


Holy Grail:



Tin Roof:



Moerlein Lager House:



Fountain Square’s Downtown Dazzle:


Righteous Room:


Penguin Dueling Piano Bar:


Yes, that is a Santa taking over the piano


FotoFocus – Taft Museum

19 10 2012

I got the privilege of attending the Taft Museum’s FotoFocus feature, Star Power: Edward Steichen’s Glamour Photography.

So what exactly is this FotoFcus you’ve been hearing about? From their website:

The FotoFocus biennial presents an unprecedented opportunity to learn about and experience the diverse currents of photography. FOTOFOCUS brings together museums, galleries, and universities showcasing world-renowned artists and national and regional standouts. Pop-up venues, community art centers, and other grass roots organizations explore current trends in photography with exhibitions featuring the work of emerging talents and students.

I also found this video to be helpful in explaining just what it’s about

The Taft Museum is one such venue featuring the works of Edward Steichen. He is most known for being Vogue’s photographer back in the 20’s -30’s. He brought naturalism to fashion, and did away with the cute perkiness. There was a quote thrown out that night that he makes every cutie look like a woman.

Steichen took a lot of pictures in his apt on 5th ave in New York City. He helped to bring in the modernism of photography. He played with lines and diagonals, and truly changed fashion photography in that time.

That Taft has even a few magazines in which his pictures appear, as well as some that never made it to print. A lot of his work wouldn’t appear for a few years, like the photo of Gloria Swanson above. It didn’t apppear until 4 years after he originally took this photo. This is one of my favorites of the exibhit. Nancy, the curator says the same. If you don’t come to see this one, then you should see the one of Greta Garbo or Gary Cooper.

The exhibit runs through January 27, 2013. The Taft Museum is open Wednesday – Friday, from 11:00 – 4:00, and weekends 11:00 – 5:00. Admission is only $10.00 and is free for all on Sundays. Or you can use your FotoFocus Passport for entry into the exhibit.

They also have a cute little area set up to Steichenize yourself and your friends. I love interactive exhibits 🙂 So of course me and my friend Paige of CincyWhimsy had to take part

You can see her post about it here

Le Diner en Blanc Cincinnati

17 09 2012

I’m having a really hard time trying to find the words to describe this event. It was absolutely gorgeous! Breathtaking, stunning, beautiful, fun, amazing… seriously, not just being cliche here.

It’s been described as a pop up fancy dinner. Part flash mob. Part picnic. Part fancy revelry. And when it all comes together, absolutely breathtaking!  It’s a semi exclusive event. Word of mouth and friends of friends basically. You and your friends meet up with a smaller group of about 50 people.

Then these groups meet up with 5 more groups and you’re transported to the secret location for that year. That’s when 1100 people this year spilled out of buses or from various downtown points and set up tables in long rows. Then proceeded to their picnic spread. There is an option to purchase baskets made by places like Orchids and Eat Well Celebrations. From what i saw they were huge! Had plenty to feed 2 and then pass some around. These will cost you though, anywhere from $60-$100.

You will be lucky to get into the event itself. It’s premise is friends coming together, Therefore it’s a friends of friends type gathering. Those that went this year, will be given a spot next year, and they can invite one other couple. Then if there is room, it will go to a wait list. The thing that seems to stop people is the fact that you do have to pay $24 a person, plus a one time $5 membership fee, to allow you to attend the events in the future. The fee goes towards venue rental, security, entertainment, and most importantly, the liquor license that allows us to consume wine and Champagne in a public area.

The most difficult yet kind of fun part, is finding everything you’ll need. You’re to bring a small square table (under 32×32 inches) 2 white chairs, a table cloth, nice place settings, glasses, a table setting/decorations, and a picnic basket with your dinner in it, as well as your drinks for the evening. You also are to dress all in white. They do have really nice contests though. They have a best table one, and a most elegant/creatively dresses group (of 2-4 couples); both offer a dinner for 6 cooked by chefs, such as Jean Robert of JR’s Table. And then there is the most elegantly/creatively dressed couple; this prize is a trip with airfare to Antigua!

Hubby ready for the first course

This year being in Lytle park was gorgeous! Queen City tower, and the Taft museum flanking us, lights in the trees, darn near everyone with candles. You arrive in a huge group and get set up quickly.  at about 7:15 napkins are waved and you start on your 3 courses. Or whatever else you’ve prepared. I used this as an excuse to have a little fun and indulge myself. I saw meat and cheese and fruit trays, dips and spreads and salads. Then you move on to your main course and lastly dessert. Everyone was friendly, and I saw most tables sharing with their neighbors, who most hadn’t met before this evening. It was a great time, and you could take your time and just enjoy it.

Napkin wave to signify the start of dinner!

Molly Wellman looking absolutely adorable.


Dessert! 🙂

Then at around 9 Sparklers were lit by everyone  and balloons were released. For whatever reason, this was one of the highlights of the evening. I cant put into words how beautiful it was at that moment.

Hubby with his sparkler
Photo Credit: Jens G Rosenkrantz Jr


Then it was time to party. Champagne flowed freely, the dj was playing awesome music on the make shift dance floor and Framester was taking awesome photo booth shots! It was just so much fun, half the people didn’t want to leave at 11. But sadly it was time to go as magically and quickly as we arrived. I already can’t wait til next year!

I spy a Jenny K 🙂

If you missed it this year, I’m sorry you missed a truly magical event. There was no pretension, no fighting, just fun. Everyone from 25-80 was enjoying themselves at both dinner and the party. It was a spectacular time! hopefully, you know someone who’s willing to sign you up with them next year, so you can experience it for yourself. It’s really one of those kinds of events. But one that mere words still can not put into place.

View my full gallery:

Edit: I’ve found a few more pics to share, and also I’ll post other places that are blogging about the evening!

The view of the park from the 11th floor of The Residence Inn.
Photo Credit: Shelley Groh

One of my favorite photobooth pics of the night!

Best Table Leaders ever! 🙂

Even the Hubby had a great time!

BFF’s! 🙂

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Jenny K

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Just say “No!” To Big-Box Black Friday

18 11 2011

Shop Local Saturday

Ok so whether you’ve been a part of or following the whole Occupy Movement, are a strapped for cash, or just want to experience a new side of Cincinnati; there’s an event for that! Everyone’s heard about or probably even talked about “the economy” as of late. So what can you do to take part in that? Shop Local! There is really no reason to hit up the big box stores like Wal-Mart, or best Buy, or Kohl’s etc (Ok the only way I will let this slide is on big ticket electronics, as I can’t even think of a local business that sells HD TV’s and the likes, please let me know if there is one!)

But other than that, I’m sure you’re tired of giving the same old thing, just as much as your loved ones are tired of giving and getting the same things too year after year. Dreading the whole Black Friday mayhem? Wish there was there was some way to get great deals without the crowd hassle? You’re in luck!

This Saturday, Nov 19th is Cincinnati UnChained! Local businesses all through Cincy will be offering one day specials for your unique shopping pleasure. Guys, are you dreading haveing to go shopping already? No worries, local bars have you covered with $2 Hudy! Need even more of a reason? You can print out a Shoppers Passport Here, and be entered to win all sorts of goodies!

Seriously, go check out all the neighborhoods and participating businesses here!


Crafty Supermarket

Also going on on Saturday is the Crafty Supermarket at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center from 11am-6pm. Here you can select gifts from local artisans, who may or may not have a store front that you can visit. It’s a great way to get a truly unique gift for that picky sibling, or friend-that-has-everything type of person. Check them out on Facebook here! Oh! and there will be mass food trucks too! So even if you come out for a lunch and a quick spin, do it! 🙂


Thanksgiving Eve bar Crawl

If you’re like me and need to ease into the festivities The night before Thanksgiving, there’s also a pub crawl for that! Over-the-Rhine has set up a bar crawl on Weds Nov 23rd. A unique drink will be available at each bar or restaurant in the neighborhood, including Abigail Street, A Tavola, Senate, Lavomatic, The Lackman, MOTR, Neon’s, Grammer’s and The Drinkery!

Check out the whole list of events going on here! Including a shop local Black Friday event!

Know any great local deals?