Mad Tree Fundraiser

21 11 2013

On Tuesday, Mad Tree Brewery had a fundraiser to benefit the Philippines typhoon via the Red Cross. From 5-9ish or whenever people decided it was time to go, food was served by Maribelle’s and all proceeds from the beer was donated to the Red Cross.


This isn’t the only fund raising they’re doing. They’ve also got a Toys for Tots donation area set up, albeit a little unconventional, but awesome none the less




Through out the night, the amount on the giant check above the beer board was changed out to cheers and applause. It was a great night of good beer, good friends, and good food for a great cause! A total of $3100 was raised!! Well don’t beer drinkers of Cincinnati! Feel free to stop by, off Kennedy Ave in Pleasant Ridge during the week, or the weekend, and don’t forget to throw a donation for Toys for Tots above the bar while you’re at it!



Dent SchoolHouse – GIVEAWAY!!

1 11 2013

This will be a quick flash, one day giveaway. Dent SchoolHouse has given me 2 BOGO ticket offers for their lights out nights this Friday and Saturday (Nov 1st & 2nd). This is one of my favorite haunted things. If you went through Dent earlier this Fall, let me just tell you that it is completely transformed for these 2 nights! Ok so nothing really changes except that there are absolutely NO lights on in the place (except for the stairs, safety first!)

You go in groups of 10 or so, and the first person in the line is given 1 single glowstick. That is the only light you have period. So if you’re in the back of the group, you’re going to be completely in the dark once the head person takes a turn, totally upping the creep factor. But it’s so worth it!!

So, I will have 2 BOGO free codes to order your tickets online tonight or tomorrow. So the tickets normally at $15, will be $7.50 if you split it up between you and a friend! They are open 7:30-12pm tonight and tomorrow! Hope to see you there!

Contest Entries,
please comment below for each one. I will choose a winner from the below comments and a winner from sharing this post on facebook

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3. Comment below to what your favorite haunted house to go to is!

And remember, I’ll be doing a 2nd giveaway from facebook just buy sharing this post! Giveaway will end at 6pm today! (Friday Nov 1st!) Good luck!

Cincinnati Chocolate Festival – GIVEAWAY!!

8 10 2013

The Cincinnati Chocolate Festival is this Sunday October 13th, from 12-5pm at Xavier Universities Cintas Center! Enjoy tempting chocolate tastings from delicious local vendors, celebrity chef demonstrations, LIVE vendor competition judging, contests, raffle baskets, children’s activities and more!

Cincinnati Chocolate Festival 2013

Believe it or not, the Chocolate Festival is actually a giant fundraiser! Proceeds support the Isaac M. Wise Temple Sisterhood. They work on projects such as the Interfaith Hospitality Network, Over-the-Rhine Soup Kitchen, Freestore Foodbank, The Assistance League, The Lincoln Heights Health Center, ProKids, YWCA Battered Women’s Shelter, Dress For Success, and many more.

NEW this year is the Cheers to Chocolate Lounge featuring wine tasting paired with chocolate-inspired savory lite bites! I believe it is an extra $10 but for 4 glasses of wine with chocolate inspired food paired with it?! I think you’ll find me here all day!  Admission in the event is $10 at the door, $7 in advance at Kroger (beginning Oct 1), children 12 and under free with paid adult. Parking is also free. Bring a canned good donation for the Freestore Foodbank and receive an extra tasting ticket!! (limit 1 per paid admission) There is also a kids zone area free of charge this year, so bring the whole family!


The Chocolate Festival was awesome enough to give me 2 tickets to give away to one lucky reader! Unfortunately due to WordPress restrictions, I can’t get the Rafflecopter widget to post. So you can click here to enter the giveaway on Facebook or click below to go straight to the Rafflecopter page. Winner will be drawn Friday October 11th at Noon!! Good luck and go out and enjoy this delicious event! 🙂

Beginners Guide to MidPoint Music Festival

7 10 2013

I finally made it to my first MidPoint Music Festival! I had been a little leery as it seemed SOooo… overwhelming to a newbie. Its also the reason I haven’t checked out the Fringe Festival and the Film Fest either… There’s no kind of beginners guide and there’s so many places and things and options that I just think I’d get lost or spend a bunch of money.


These things will mark any and all venues for you!

I was lucky enough to win a 3 day wristband from 4EG (shout out: Thanks guys!@ Go check out their bars!) and I figured now was a good a time as any to go at it! Unfortunately though, the hubby was out of luck, but we decided to see what all the fuss was about anyways and see if we could spend as little as possible. I’m happy to report, that this event can be done for completely free if you’d like!


First up is the MidPoint Midway set up on 12th Street between Vine and Walnut in OtR. You could spend all night here for free, or almost free if you’d like! There’s a stage set up at one end that is constantly hosting a band, so there’s free venue #1. If you’re looking to purchase tickets or wristbands or get information, you’ll find the main tent for the festival here set up in the parking lot. As you walk past there stage you’ll come across the Box Truck Carnival. This is where the fun is.


The Rockomatic Truck

There’s roughly about 10 or so rental trucks decked out for weekend from different groups. My favorite by far was the Rockomatic truck. Your first ticket was free and they had old school side show themed “games”. A fortune teller, a VIP booth, an info booth to get band aids or earplugs and more. They were having a lot of fun and we walked away with a Bruce Springsteen 8track! Yeah you read that right, it’s hipster bait in the plastic lol.


The Rockomatic Truck

There was also a karaoke truck, open mic truck, tattoo truck, a poetry truck and more! It was a lot of fun, and didn’t cost anything extra unless we wanted it to. Halfway down the midway in the parking lot next to Know Theatre was the beer and food truck lot. I mean really, this was the only place we spent money at, but it was worth it for a Goetta Dog.


More box truck carnival action

While the hubby waited in line to get a marker tattoo done, I decided to use my wristband and head over to the Know Theatre to check out some bands. This is where if you know which bands you want to see you can plan out where to go. If you’re looking for one venue to go to, i recommend Know, as they utilize both floors with a band upstairs and one downstairs!


The Plaid Dragons upstairs at the Know Theatre


I’m really glad i stumbled upon The Plaid Dragons! I really like their sound! So I guess MPMF did it’s job right?!

Getting an all day wristband will maximize who you get to see, but picking one venue and sticking with it will stretch your dollar if you don’t really know any particular band and just want to hang out and listen to new music. Each venue has a different cover charge for the festival if you choose. As far as I know I would assume you could come back to the same venue once you’ve been, but I didn’t really have to test that theory.


A band performing downstairs at Know Theatre

Checking out the schedule every day will help to plan things as well. It also gives you the cover charges you need too. Now if you really wanted to could you stand outside Washington Park and listen? Or sit clear on the other side? Yeah. So that could make it cheaper, but you’re not really getting the full effect. That would be like standing outside on the sidewalk at Arnold’s or Grammer’s and trying to understand the band playing. It just doesn’t work and isn’t very much fun.


MidPoint Midway Stage


MidPoint Midway Stage

So basically, plan out your plan of attack. Do you want to go the cheap route or the enjoyable route or the I-want-to-see-everything-possible route? That will decide if you do venue covers, all day passes or all weekend wristbands, About a month before the festival, groups such as 4EG will have contests for wristbands. Each of their bars does a separate giveaway, so get in on all of them if you’re a cheapskate like me 😛 Or just feel overwhelmed by the whole thing. You can really can go and do and spend as little or as much as you want! The choice is totally up to you! But don’t let the fear stop you from having a rocking good time!

Have you been going for years? First time? Any other tidbits of advice?

Old West Fest

2 10 2013


I’m sure by now most people have gone to a Ren Fest, or at least knows what a Ren Fest is. Old West Fest is very similar, only a few hundred years later.


Situated out in the middle of nowhere in Williamsburg, OH, is a little area called The Old West Fest. Seriously, you just keep driving down one road, and then you keep going down the next, and you’ll eventually stumble upon it. This is the 6th year for the fest, and it has some amazing potential! It’s not completely filled up yet, but it’s getting there.


You walk in to the little town (seen above) and its street lined with shops, saloons, and even a jail. Be careful though, as there may be a shootout right in front of you in the street! This is a great place for kids! Especially if they’re boys in their cowboys and indians stage. Theres all sorts of period things going on, and feel free to dress up as well! if you didn’t there are shops selling cowboy hats, and even saloon girl hair  pieces for the girls, for surprisingly decent prices!


The local blacksmith making and selling his wares


He even makes iron mustaches! Perfect on villain weekend


A musician making instruments to sell, and occasionally playing them too!

There are a lot of other interactive things for you and the kids to do (for a slight price, which after paying $12/adult and $6/kid over 5, gets slightly annoying, but again, they’re not terrible, and lets face it, you do it everywhere else) There’s a train ride, pony rides for kids 12 and under, and covered wagon rides!


The train is $2/adult $1/child and takes a nice tour of the village


Pony rides are $5 for kids under 12 and does one big lap as seen above


Covered wagon rides are $2/adult $1/child and takes about 10 minutes and does through their “prairie” and back


The wagon ride offers benches and a pretty eerily experience of what it would be like


Look! Salvation from a distance! Also known as Old West Fest through the wagon as it heads back in towards town from the prairie.

Now the main thing you want to check out while you’re here? The shows! The shows are amazing! There’s magic, circus performers, a medicine show, gun fights, music, and a good ol saloon girl show. The great/interesting thing, is the actors all work together. The professor from the medicine show makes a special appearance with the saloon girls, and yet everything makes sense and adds a whole other level of authenticity to the festival!


A lot of the youngins get to be a magician during the show


The stable area stage that’s used when they don’t have horse shows going on in the corral.


The saloon girls having a good time.


Seriously these girls do a fantastic job!


The great thing about the shops and the drinks? They’re all relatively decently priced! It’s not like your normal price gouging festival wares, and things are really good high quality here too! And don’t worry, the adults can enjoy beer from a boot glass all day if they’d like, so don’t feel bad about dragging someone along.

I also recommend putting out a warrant for someones arrest. At only $5 bail at the sheriff’s office next to the jail, you can put a warrant out on your child for not cleaning their room, or your husband for hogging the remote, and the sheriff will gladly arrest them and put them in jail until they apologize. If you get there early in the morning by 10:30, your child can also become a deputy for the day!


This place is a lot of fun, and is no where near done growing! They’re open through September and the first weekend in October. So if you want to go this weekend is your last chance! I highly recommend making a trek out to the Eastside to check this place out. You can easily spend just an hour here or all day! It’s truly up to you.

Check out the pdf on show times and a map here! Don’t forget to pick one up when you arrive too!

Museum Day Live

26 09 2013

Smithsonian Magazine is presenting Museum Day Live this Saturday September 28th, 2013. What is Museum Day Live?

In the spirit of Smithsonian Museums, who offer free admission everyday, Museum Day Live! is an annual event hosted by Smithsonian magazine in which participating museums across the country open their doors to anyone presenting a Museum Day Ticket… for free.


All you have to do is go here and request a ticket good for 2 people per household. If you have more than two people they will have to pay for admission. This is a great way to maybe go see a place you’ve wanted to before, but didn’t want to spend the money. Me? I’ll be headed up to Dayton to check out the Boonshoft Museum, and then head over to the Art Institute of Dayton for their Octoberfest (in which the museum is also open and free to the public but separate admission to Octoberfest is required.)

If you’re going to be traveling or want to head out farther to Louisville or Columbus, check out the entire venue list here.

There are a number of Greater Cincinnati area Museums that are participating:

Taft Museum of Art


The Betts House


Xavier University Art Gallery


Boonshoft Museum of Discovery


Carillon Historical Park


SunWatch Indian Village & Archaeological Park


Springfield Museum of Art


Fort Ancient


Glendower Historic Mansion


Warren County History Center


Behringer-Crawford Museum

Covington, KY

Kentucky Gateway Museum Center

Maysville, KY

Life on the Ohio River History Museum

Vevay, IN

Switzerland County Historical Museum

Vevay, IN

So make a day of it, take in a couple sites by using your email and your significant others/friends. You can easily hit the Taft Downtown and then head across the river to Covington, or up to Music Hall for the Betts House. Or heck all 3!

Lincoln Off the Menu

19 09 2013

So shiny…!

A few weeks ago, Lincoln approached me about an Off the Menu event they were having downtown on Fountain Square, and Via Vite. Being a lover of cars (yes I’m a girl, I know cars, get over it) and never trying out Via Vite before (again I know!) I figured this sounded great!


My carriage for the evening

Hubby and myself each got to drive the Lincoln MKX around downtown. We had a choice between that or the MKZ, but since we’re looking at more of a crossover/hauling vehicle next (in like 5 years), we figured we might as well check it out!


Don’t worry, I was stuck behind the bus, but don’t i look good in this?!

Now when I thought of Lincoln’s, I thought wood paneling, leather everything, no technology, car my grandparents drive that never seems to go fast enough… Ok, I was way wrong! I admit it. The MKX was really really nice! Didn’t seem huge, had all the bells and whistles and had a huge moonroof, and back seat sunroof. I was highly impressed. See they did their job.



I love the huge sun roof! panoramic everything downtown!

The event was open to anyone. You could walk right up off the street and check one out sitting on Fountain Square, or go test drive one yourself! And as an added bonus? You got a $20 discount for catching dinner at Via Vite that night! Win win really. I always thought Via Vite was more upscale, expensive, dressy food. I was only half right. It is nice in there, but we saw a crowd from suits and ties, to jeans and t shirts. And the food for 2 people and alcohol is easily under $40!! if not $30!

I heard there was a nice tasting menu, as the event states of food “Off the Menu” but a communication issue led to me not being able to tell you about that.


Veal meatballs, delicious!


White clam pizza. Also awesome!

You may have missed your chance in Cincinnati, but they’re headed to Columbus and Cleveland, so if you’re there, stop by, drive a swanky car, and have some delicious food!


Dates: September 20th & 21st – 5:00PM- 9:30pm
Location: Refectory Restaurant & Bistro, 1092 Bethel Rd., Columbus, OH 43220,

Dates & Times: September 25  & 26th, 5:00PM- 11:00PM
Location: Fahrenheit, 2417 Professor Ave., Cleveland, OH 44113,



And get your pic at the swanky photo booth!


*Disclaimer: Lincoln picked up my Via Vite tab and let me know about the event. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated for this post*