Frame sale at Mohawk building

5 02 2014



I’m going to start out with an apology for the crappy cell phone pics. A dusty warehouse with crude lighting doesn’t help, but so be it. The old CASTNER PICTURE FRAME COMPANY is located in the Mohawk Building, 2145 Central Parkway, Over-the-Rhine, shut down some years ago, and left over 100,000 frames in their building! This Sunday, feb 16th they’re opening up the building to you to peruse and purchase the old frames. Cash, checks and credit cards all accepted and street parking is available.



You’ll go upstairs and promptly be handed rubber gloves. I suggest using them. There you are free to walk around at your leisure. They have index cards and markers at the front table as well, so if you’d like, you can write your name down and pick a vacant section of wall or corner and make a stack of the frames you’re interested in if you don’t want to carry them around.



They have small 1-4 inch frames starting at $1. And large ornate ones priced at $55. But here’s the thing…. They offer bulk pricing!! So don’t let those prices scare you off. The frame I got I guesstimated to be about $35-$40 by itself based on the sizing chart they have spread throughout. But when purchased with 7 small frames it all came out to be $15!! So seriously, buy more and get a quote, then decide if you want more or fewer frames. They also have some old prints and even mirrors for sale to go with your frames!



The above is my haul that I walked away with for $15 total. If you want to see what I end up with mine you can follow over at my personal blog here.

For more information and the story behind it all CityBeat has a great article here! And follow the frame sale on Facebook!


Beginners Guide to MidPoint Music Festival

7 10 2013

I finally made it to my first MidPoint Music Festival! I had been a little leery as it seemed SOooo… overwhelming to a newbie. Its also the reason I haven’t checked out the Fringe Festival and the Film Fest either… There’s no kind of beginners guide and there’s so many places and things and options that I just think I’d get lost or spend a bunch of money.


These things will mark any and all venues for you!

I was lucky enough to win a 3 day wristband from 4EG (shout out: Thanks guys!@ Go check out their bars!) and I figured now was a good a time as any to go at it! Unfortunately though, the hubby was out of luck, but we decided to see what all the fuss was about anyways and see if we could spend as little as possible. I’m happy to report, that this event can be done for completely free if you’d like!


First up is the MidPoint Midway set up on 12th Street between Vine and Walnut in OtR. You could spend all night here for free, or almost free if you’d like! There’s a stage set up at one end that is constantly hosting a band, so there’s free venue #1. If you’re looking to purchase tickets or wristbands or get information, you’ll find the main tent for the festival here set up in the parking lot. As you walk past there stage you’ll come across the Box Truck Carnival. This is where the fun is.


The Rockomatic Truck

There’s roughly about 10 or so rental trucks decked out for weekend from different groups. My favorite by far was the Rockomatic truck. Your first ticket was free and they had old school side show themed “games”. A fortune teller, a VIP booth, an info booth to get band aids or earplugs and more. They were having a lot of fun and we walked away with a Bruce Springsteen 8track! Yeah you read that right, it’s hipster bait in the plastic lol.


The Rockomatic Truck

There was also a karaoke truck, open mic truck, tattoo truck, a poetry truck and more! It was a lot of fun, and didn’t cost anything extra unless we wanted it to. Halfway down the midway in the parking lot next to Know Theatre was the beer and food truck lot. I mean really, this was the only place we spent money at, but it was worth it for a Goetta Dog.


More box truck carnival action

While the hubby waited in line to get a marker tattoo done, I decided to use my wristband and head over to the Know Theatre to check out some bands. This is where if you know which bands you want to see you can plan out where to go. If you’re looking for one venue to go to, i recommend Know, as they utilize both floors with a band upstairs and one downstairs!


The Plaid Dragons upstairs at the Know Theatre


I’m really glad i stumbled upon The Plaid Dragons! I really like their sound! So I guess MPMF did it’s job right?!

Getting an all day wristband will maximize who you get to see, but picking one venue and sticking with it will stretch your dollar if you don’t really know any particular band and just want to hang out and listen to new music. Each venue has a different cover charge for the festival if you choose. As far as I know I would assume you could come back to the same venue once you’ve been, but I didn’t really have to test that theory.


A band performing downstairs at Know Theatre

Checking out the schedule every day will help to plan things as well. It also gives you the cover charges you need too. Now if you really wanted to could you stand outside Washington Park and listen? Or sit clear on the other side? Yeah. So that could make it cheaper, but you’re not really getting the full effect. That would be like standing outside on the sidewalk at Arnold’s or Grammer’s and trying to understand the band playing. It just doesn’t work and isn’t very much fun.


MidPoint Midway Stage


MidPoint Midway Stage

So basically, plan out your plan of attack. Do you want to go the cheap route or the enjoyable route or the I-want-to-see-everything-possible route? That will decide if you do venue covers, all day passes or all weekend wristbands, About a month before the festival, groups such as 4EG will have contests for wristbands. Each of their bars does a separate giveaway, so get in on all of them if you’re a cheapskate like me 😛 Or just feel overwhelmed by the whole thing. You can really can go and do and spend as little or as much as you want! The choice is totally up to you! But don’t let the fear stop you from having a rocking good time!

Have you been going for years? First time? Any other tidbits of advice?

Diner en Blanc 2013

14 09 2013

A week ago was the 2nd year for Cincinnati’s Diner en Blanc, and it surpassed all expectations again! (If you want to look at last years click here.)




Jugglers to pass the time as tables were set up


Bus Arrival


Getting all set up

This year took place in beautiful Washington Park in Over the Rhine. This was the guess of a good population of the people. But it was also the guess last year. It was the perfect spot to fit 1700 people. Yes 1700 people. Double that of last year. At times if felt like there were that many people, but other times, you couldn’t tell there were more than 100.


I love this beach themed table going on!


Awesome peoples awesome tables


My rockin table and my neighbors


Great friends, great food, great wine. Couldn’t ask for more


And when day gives way to night, again the sparklers come out and the music picks up, and everyone flocks to the dance floor. Ok, most people. Some others just like to kick back and relax with friends. But this year it was nice to saunter on over to the fountains and take in the beauty from there. And also to cool down.


All lit up at night


Sparkler time to signify the end of dinner


I caught a 5chw4r7z


Lit up tables at night


I don’t know who this couple is but they totally get my vote for best dressed! Love it!


You can see the expanse of people/space


You can see the expanse of people/space

I think most people took the fountains as a great photo op, and that it was. It was relaxing whether you were playing in them or sitting on the benches next to them. It was a sight to see and added that much more to the event.


I loved seeing all the people posing with the fountains!



This is one of my favorite shots of the entire evening

Framester photos can be found here for the Sidewalk and here for the Grassy Knoll

All of my personal photos can be found on facebook here. Feel free to tag yourselves or friends!


One thing that truly amazes me is the amount of “negativity” that I’ve seen surrounding the event this year… when not a single word was uttered last year. Mind you though, the negative things I’ve been hearing have ALL been from people who haven’t attended the event. To the naysayers or the people who just don’t get it… I invite you to try it next year. Go over to the Diner en Blanc website and get on the waitlist. Give it one try. For those that are looking at the expense, rent tables and chairs. Save that one night out that you’d go to a nice restaurant and spend that amount of money on anyways and try it. For one year. If you still “don’t get it” then you don’t have to come back. But I don’t know of a single person last year that said “I’m never doing this again”. Give it a whirl, and then you can be negative about it all you want… but please not before. And those that are just looking at the money aspect, you’re completely missing the point of a fun, different evening out mingling with old and making new friends.

Collective Espresso

30 01 2013


On Woodward St, just down from Neon’s is a much needed espresso shop in OtR. Now that the weather is getting a little colder (maybe, hopefully?) this is a great place to get a steaming hot fresh cup of yummy!


Mmmm… cappucino!




These guys are really passionate about what they do, and making sure you have an awesome cup. If you ask, they’ll explain anything to you. They order their drinks on the board from most caffinated to least, so you know what you’re getting into, whether its in the morning, or as a night cap, you’ll get what you want.

You can take a seat at the bar and watch everything being made. You won’t get coffee sitting in a pot for hours here either. They filter the coffee right there, so it’ll take some time (5 minutes-ish) but it’s going to be fresh and wonderful! If you’re in the area definitely check them out!


8 01 2013

The back bar in Kaze

OtR has yet a new joint open. This one with sushi! It’s great to see all the new restaurants opening up, especially when they cater to different people. Bakersfield’s tacos were welcomed, and now a Japanese place, in which a partner, Hadeki, is actually Japanese!


Bamboo lined hallway connecting the dining room and separate bar


The almost finished dining room


Sushi bar

I got to meet John, the owner the other night when we stopped in for sushi, pork belly buns and drinks. He really cares about the neighborhood and what he’s doing. He was incredibly welcoming and gave us the run down of what was going on. He also told us that dining room would officially be open on Monday the 14th! It’s very clean and laid out well. He said they still had to add screens around the booths along the wall. It’s going to be “very personal dining”. You’ll have the booths to yourselves, and can kind of forget about everyone else out there.

You can also just pull up to the counter if you’re just wanting some in and out sushi. I of course had to go with their basic California Roll, because if a place screws that up, you’re in trouble. While I wished I had a few more pieces, as an appetizer it was perfect. It wasn’t enough to fill you up, but was enough for a small meal. And the taste and texture was perfect and fresh. The avocado was under the roll presented on the plate, which took me a few bites to realize, but it was really good. The Cobra Roll with the jalapeno was ok. Jalapeno’s not too spicy, but the texture was a little off for me, the Hubby enjoyed it though.

And then the pork belly buns… disclaimer, I don’t care for pork. There are very few pork products I will eat, don’t hurt me. But this… this was delicious! Just the right amount of glaze, some sore of sprout topping that paired perfectly and squishy steamed bun. It was amazing!


fyi girls, you have to take an elevator down to get to your restroom.

John of course also told us we had to check out the bathrooms. The mens had some very tastefully provocative art work on the walls. Very Lady GaGa-esque. Ther womens was a whole bright room of its own.


Beta fish at the bar


Sake Sangria

If you like fruity, and sangria, I totally suggest the Sake Sangria. It’s sweet though, but too overly in your face. You get the plum, the apple, the pear. It packs a punch though, be warned. There are also beta fish at the bar, and if you ask you can find fight stats for them. It’s kind of interesting really. The kitchen is open til midnight every night, so I suggest a stop. There’s a separate entrance for the bar around the corner as an fyi.


Left: Cobra Roll Right: California Roll

Cincinnati Santacon

14 12 2012

This past weekend upwards of around 500+ Santas decended on downtown and OtR Saturday. There’s was much merriement, candy canes, alcohol, and questions… And people taking pictures everywhere!

For more info check out Cincinnati Santacon.

And to make sure you don’t miss out next year RSVP now!

Fountain Square:



Toby Keith’s


Holy Grail:



Tin Roof:



Moerlein Lager House:



Fountain Square’s Downtown Dazzle:


Righteous Room:


Penguin Dueling Piano Bar:


Yes, that is a Santa taking over the piano


Just say “No!” To Big-Box Black Friday

18 11 2011

Shop Local Saturday

Ok so whether you’ve been a part of or following the whole Occupy Movement, are a strapped for cash, or just want to experience a new side of Cincinnati; there’s an event for that! Everyone’s heard about or probably even talked about “the economy” as of late. So what can you do to take part in that? Shop Local! There is really no reason to hit up the big box stores like Wal-Mart, or best Buy, or Kohl’s etc (Ok the only way I will let this slide is on big ticket electronics, as I can’t even think of a local business that sells HD TV’s and the likes, please let me know if there is one!)

But other than that, I’m sure you’re tired of giving the same old thing, just as much as your loved ones are tired of giving and getting the same things too year after year. Dreading the whole Black Friday mayhem? Wish there was there was some way to get great deals without the crowd hassle? You’re in luck!

This Saturday, Nov 19th is Cincinnati UnChained! Local businesses all through Cincy will be offering one day specials for your unique shopping pleasure. Guys, are you dreading haveing to go shopping already? No worries, local bars have you covered with $2 Hudy! Need even more of a reason? You can print out a Shoppers Passport Here, and be entered to win all sorts of goodies!

Seriously, go check out all the neighborhoods and participating businesses here!


Crafty Supermarket

Also going on on Saturday is the Crafty Supermarket at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center from 11am-6pm. Here you can select gifts from local artisans, who may or may not have a store front that you can visit. It’s a great way to get a truly unique gift for that picky sibling, or friend-that-has-everything type of person. Check them out on Facebook here! Oh! and there will be mass food trucks too! So even if you come out for a lunch and a quick spin, do it! 🙂


Thanksgiving Eve bar Crawl

If you’re like me and need to ease into the festivities The night before Thanksgiving, there’s also a pub crawl for that! Over-the-Rhine has set up a bar crawl on Weds Nov 23rd. A unique drink will be available at each bar or restaurant in the neighborhood, including Abigail Street, A Tavola, Senate, Lavomatic, The Lackman, MOTR, Neon’s, Grammer’s and The Drinkery!

Check out the whole list of events going on here! Including a shop local Black Friday event!

Know any great local deals?