Dent SchoolHouse – GIVEAWAY!!

1 11 2013

This will be a quick flash, one day giveaway. Dent SchoolHouse has given me 2 BOGO ticket offers for their lights out nights this Friday and Saturday (Nov 1st & 2nd). This is one of my favorite haunted things. If you went through Dent earlier this Fall, let me just tell you that it is completely transformed for these 2 nights! Ok so nothing really changes except that there are absolutely NO lights on in the place (except for the stairs, safety first!)

You go in groups of 10 or so, and the first person in the line is given 1 single glowstick. That is the only light you have period. So if you’re in the back of the group, you’re going to be completely in the dark once the head person takes a turn, totally upping the creep factor. But it’s so worth it!!

So, I will have 2 BOGO free codes to order your tickets online tonight or tomorrow. So the tickets normally at $15, will be $7.50 if you split it up between you and a friend! They are open 7:30-12pm tonight and tomorrow! Hope to see you there!

Contest Entries,
please comment below for each one. I will choose a winner from the below comments and a winner from sharing this post on facebook

1. Like SmallTownBigCincy on Facebook

2. Like The Dent SchooHouse on Facebook

3. Comment below to what your favorite haunted house to go to is!

And remember, I’ll be doing a 2nd giveaway from facebook just buy sharing this post! Giveaway will end at 6pm today! (Friday Nov 1st!) Good luck!




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