Lincoln Off the Menu

19 09 2013

So shiny…!

A few weeks ago, Lincoln approached me about an Off the Menu event they were having downtown on Fountain Square, and Via Vite. Being a lover of cars (yes I’m a girl, I know cars, get over it) and never trying out Via Vite before (again I know!) I figured this sounded great!


My carriage for the evening

Hubby and myself each got to drive the Lincoln MKX around downtown. We had a choice between that or the MKZ, but since we’re looking at more of a crossover/hauling vehicle next (in like 5 years), we figured we might as well check it out!


Don’t worry, I was stuck behind the bus, but don’t i look good in this?!

Now when I thought of Lincoln’s, I thought wood paneling, leather everything, no technology, car my grandparents drive that never seems to go fast enough… Ok, I was way wrong! I admit it. The MKX was really really nice! Didn’t seem huge, had all the bells and whistles and had a huge moonroof, and back seat sunroof. I was highly impressed. See they did their job.



I love the huge sun roof! panoramic everything downtown!

The event was open to anyone. You could walk right up off the street and check one out sitting on Fountain Square, or go test drive one yourself! And as an added bonus? You got a $20 discount for catching dinner at Via Vite that night! Win win really. I always thought Via Vite was more upscale, expensive, dressy food. I was only half right. It is nice in there, but we saw a crowd from suits and ties, to jeans and t shirts. And the food for 2 people and alcohol is easily under $40!! if not $30!

I heard there was a nice tasting menu, as the event states of food “Off the Menu” but a communication issue led to me not being able to tell you about that.


Veal meatballs, delicious!


White clam pizza. Also awesome!

You may have missed your chance in Cincinnati, but they’re headed to Columbus and Cleveland, so if you’re there, stop by, drive a swanky car, and have some delicious food!


Dates: September 20th & 21st – 5:00PM- 9:30pm
Location: Refectory Restaurant & Bistro, 1092 Bethel Rd., Columbus, OH 43220,

Dates & Times: September 25  & 26th, 5:00PM- 11:00PM
Location: Fahrenheit, 2417 Professor Ave., Cleveland, OH 44113,



And get your pic at the swanky photo booth!


*Disclaimer: Lincoln picked up my Via Vite tab and let me know about the event. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated for this post*





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