Diner en Blanc 2013

14 09 2013

A week ago was the 2nd year for Cincinnati’s Diner en Blanc, and it surpassed all expectations again! (If you want to look at last years click here.)




Jugglers to pass the time as tables were set up


Bus Arrival


Getting all set up

This year took place in beautiful Washington Park in Over the Rhine. This was the guess of a good population of the people. But it was also the guess last year. It was the perfect spot to fit 1700 people. Yes 1700 people. Double that of last year. At times if felt like there were that many people, but other times, you couldn’t tell there were more than 100.


I love this beach themed table going on!


Awesome peoples awesome tables


My rockin table and my neighbors


Great friends, great food, great wine. Couldn’t ask for more


And when day gives way to night, again the sparklers come out and the music picks up, and everyone flocks to the dance floor. Ok, most people. Some others just like to kick back and relax with friends. But this year it was nice to saunter on over to the fountains and take in the beauty from there. And also to cool down.


All lit up at night


Sparkler time to signify the end of dinner


I caught a 5chw4r7z


Lit up tables at night


I don’t know who this couple is but they totally get my vote for best dressed! Love it!


You can see the expanse of people/space


You can see the expanse of people/space

I think most people took the fountains as a great photo op, and that it was. It was relaxing whether you were playing in them or sitting on the benches next to them. It was a sight to see and added that much more to the event.


I loved seeing all the people posing with the fountains!



This is one of my favorite shots of the entire evening

Framester photos can be found here for the Sidewalk and here for the Grassy Knoll

All of my personal photos can be found on facebook here. Feel free to tag yourselves or friends!


One thing that truly amazes me is the amount of “negativity” that I’ve seen surrounding the event this year… when not a single word was uttered last year. Mind you though, the negative things I’ve been hearing have ALL been from people who haven’t attended the event. To the naysayers or the people who just don’t get it… I invite you to try it next year. Go over to the Diner en Blanc website and get on the waitlist. Give it one try. For those that are looking at the expense, rent tables and chairs. Save that one night out that you’d go to a nice restaurant and spend that amount of money on anyways and try it. For one year. If you still “don’t get it” then you don’t have to come back. But I don’t know of a single person last year that said “I’m never doing this again”. Give it a whirl, and then you can be negative about it all you want… but please not before. And those that are just looking at the money aspect, you’re completely missing the point of a fun, different evening out mingling with old and making new friends.




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