Dent Schoolhouse

13 09 2013


If you know me at all, you know i live for Haunted Houses and Halloween time! And a day shy of Friday the 13th, I felt Dent Schoolhouse was the perfect kick off!


This is a pretty accurate description actually

Dent is in my top 3 of haunted houses anywhere! And my favorite in Cincinnati! Especially this year. They’ve changed a few things, going off of the amazing effects they added last year. There’s creepy crawly bug effects (gross but effective), creepy hallways, and it sticks with the school theme throughout. I will admit, in years previous they did what a lot of other houses do, and that’s throw all the scary stuff at you to get someone in someway, whether it actually fits with the theme or not (I’m looking at you USS Nightmare). This year they outdid themselves! There was not a spot in that school where i didn’t once think I wasn’t in a school.


I loved this guy creepily roaming around… and the scares from people were hilarious!

The acting was super great even for the first day. (Full disclosure, i used to work for Haunted Houses, i know when to expect to be scared, not much makes me scream, jump yes scream no) I screamed like a little girl at least 4 separate times that I’m willing to admit… There’s some new animatronics that are pretty awesome (and again 1 of which caused me to scream and cower like a girl-and i only admit this as some of the managers saw it happen so I can’t deny it… jerks) But there are some other effects that are TOTALLY worth checking out and even had me backing up to see them again they were that cool!


This actor was so creepy! and so awesome!!



Pay attention to the details in the themeing here. It’s amazing! You’d think you were back at that time it happened in the 50’s!


This may be the single greatest idea ever!! GO TO THIS NIGHT!!!

This may be the single greatest idea ever!! GO TO THIS NIGHT!!!


Now, if you haven’t gone in a few years and think “Oh Dent, its the same thing blahdy blahdy blah. It doesn’t scare me” 1. you should really go check out the rethemeing. Yes a good chunk is kinda the same, but the additions are well worth it. 2. I DARE YOU to go on Lights Out Night. I will be going back for sure. They introduced this last year and it was the best thing I’ve ever done haunt wise! We had about 10-15 people in our group, ALL of the lights were out (minus the safety lights on the stairs-safety first), and there was ONE glow stick for the entire group. Let me tell you what… glow sticks aren’t that bright… They’re bright enough to light your way and that’s about it. If you’re in the back of the group, forget it, every time the front person turns a corner you have no idea where you are. And the green light makes everything even eerier!


“No Refunds! You paid us to SCARE you! If you get SCARED in the line or in the first room and want to leave, we’ve done what you paid us to do very quickly. Be happy with prompt service!” I FREAKIN LOVE THIS SIGN!!

So if you haven’t gone in a few years, seriously, GO! Not only has the schoolhouse got a retheme, but the area out back did to! No more Detention Hall. It’s the Queen City Slaughter Yard. I’ll leave this one be a complete surprise 😉 But in the meantime, check out the teaser trailers for it below. This is some pretty professional grade stuff right here! Who’s up for them making a movie?

See all the photos here:




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