Taco Bells Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos

7 03 2013

So…. What happens when you get a tweet and then a phone call on a Friday night, and plans are made for Sunday afternoon? What happens when the phone call happens to come from Taco Bell? If you’re me, a lot of confusion at first.

I debated putting this on my personal blog or here, but figured since it happened in Cincy, and Fox19 even covered it, I figured why not. And I’ve had lots of questions, about what happened and why me… Honestly, I still don’t know.

If you check out Taco Bell’s YouTube page, they’ve done a view other things in other cities such as Dallas, Seattle, New York and LA, promoting their new Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos. The Taco Bell people wouldn’t give me any information “because that would ruin the fun and surprises”. All they told me was that my husband could come along and they would send a car to pick me up.


This is what pulled up in front of my house.


When they said “send a car” I wasn’t expecting a white limo to pull up in front of my house! My neighbors didn’t quite know what to think either. Then it was out turn to be further confused as the limo passed where we would turn to go to TB… And then past the highway, and then 2 neighborhoods farther…. And then we started back tracking…. Finally we pulled up in front of the Lincoln Heights Taco Bell across from GE and i was presented with a sash that said Mayor Rachel and was walked in the door, as seen in the video.


There happened to be a group of guys from Colerain High School there as well, who the production crew got in on the action. I’m almost afraid to say this… but I think a few of them were way more excited than I was about this whole ordeal πŸ˜‰ Some friends of mine showed up, and my neighbors, who couldn’t miss out on something like this as well πŸ˜› And they presented me with a Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco to share… and then…


Yes… that’s a dozen tacos…

Boxes full of a donzen Cool Ranch tacos started coming out from the back. You’d think the 30-ish people in the restaurant hadn’t eaten in 3 days! They were devoured. But the staff was on it and more boxes came out! It was a never ending cycle of tacos! I gave them to random people that walked in to get tacos, who had no idea what to think of the cameras stationed around the restaurant and the 3 guys walking around with cameras and microphones. It was crazy. I don’t think I could ever be famous, because having someone follow me around with a camera for 2 hours was a little unnerving at times πŸ˜›


Pretty much how the day went down… photo courtesy of @CincySteve


myself, Kyle the awesome manager who came in on his day off for this, and our director who hadn’t even tried one of these tacos til the end of filming!


The awesome production crew πŸ™‚

See the commercial here:


It was a lot of fun, the crew was great, the staff was awesome, and some random people got to get in on the action as well! I still can’t make heads or tails of why they picked Cincinnati, or why they picked that particular Taco Bell that i happened to be foursquare mayor of… but I’m glad they did! It was way too much fun! Now go get a Cool Ranch Dorito Locos Taco and let me know if you thought it was as delicious as i did!! The mayor says so πŸ˜‰




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