8 01 2013

The back bar in Kaze

OtR has yet a new joint open. This one with sushi! It’s great to see all the new restaurants opening up, especially when they cater to different people. Bakersfield’s tacos were welcomed, and now a Japanese place, in which a partner, Hadeki, is actually Japanese!


Bamboo lined hallway connecting the dining room and separate bar


The almost finished dining room


Sushi bar

I got to meet John, the owner the other night when we stopped in for sushi, pork belly buns and drinks. He really cares about the neighborhood and what he’s doing. He was incredibly welcoming and gave us the run down of what was going on. He also told us that dining room would officially be open on Monday the 14th! It’s very clean and laid out well. He said they still had to add screens around the booths along the wall. It’s going to be “very personal dining”. You’ll have the booths to yourselves, and can kind of forget about everyone else out there.

You can also just pull up to the counter if you’re just wanting some in and out sushi. I of course had to go with their basic California Roll, because if a place screws that up, you’re in trouble. While I wished I had a few more pieces, as an appetizer it was perfect. It wasn’t enough to fill you up, but was enough for a small meal. And the taste and texture was perfect and fresh. The avocado was under the roll presented on the plate, which took me a few bites to realize, but it was really good. The Cobra Roll with the jalapeno was ok. Jalapeno’s not too spicy, but the texture was a little off for me, the Hubby enjoyed it though.

And then the pork belly buns… disclaimer, I don’t care for pork. There are very few pork products I will eat, don’t hurt me. But this… this was delicious! Just the right amount of glaze, some sore of sprout topping that paired perfectly and squishy steamed bun. It was amazing!


fyi girls, you have to take an elevator down to get to your restroom.

John of course also told us we had to check out the bathrooms. The mens had some very tastefully provocative art work on the walls. Very Lady GaGa-esque. Ther womens was a whole bright room of its own.


Beta fish at the bar


Sake Sangria

If you like fruity, and sangria, I totally suggest the Sake Sangria. It’s sweet though, but too overly in your face. You get the plum, the apple, the pear. It packs a punch though, be warned. There are also beta fish at the bar, and if you ask you can find fight stats for them. It’s kind of interesting really. The kitchen is open til midnight every night, so I suggest a stop. There’s a separate entrance for the bar around the corner as an fyi.


Left: Cobra Roll Right: California Roll




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