7 01 2013

So this past weekend I was looking for something different to do. I didn’t just want to sit at home on a Friday night, like I had done for the i don’t even know how many Fridays. Thank goodness for Jenny Kessler, for throwing out Bingo at St Anthony of Padua in Walnut Hills.


It starts at 7 and is done every Friday, in the building behind the church. There will be a line just fyi, get there early. We opted for the cheap simple 9 face cards, and kind of glad we did. We spent $9 each as we bought the dobbers for a $1 each. The computers confuse me… I’m not gonna lie. Maybe I’ll try them. I guess you get more cards on them, that play themselves? I’m not really sure.


We also got 2 tickets, one for a free drink, and one for a bag of cheezits. We also got a raffle ticket for a door prize. They don’t tell you at the door, but if you take your receipt and a dollar to the lady up front by the caller, she’ll stamp your reciept. They call out a number before everything starts and if you bingo on that number, you win the jackpot as well. Seriously, this is some hard core bingo playing going on! I was beyond confused. Thank goodness for the friendly ladies sitting next to us who didn’t mind helping us out. There are also people walking around selling $1 pull tab cards that you can play to win extra money. We managed to make $50 off of that before we even won a bingo! (Sorry I’m a pull tab addict. My family has a hisory of winning big with them 9 times out of 10 😛 )


They play all sorts of different ways you can win. The Hubby won $125 on the middle card with 3 postage stamps! The lowest prize I think was $75? Maybe $50 at the lowest And you normally play 2-3 games on one sheet of paper. For example, normal straight line bingo, wins $75, then after that whoever gets 2 bingo lines on the same card wins $100, then they might play whoever gets all the outside rows filled, making a “large picture frame”. All on the same giant sheet of paper as seen above. It’s pretty interesting. And this location has a whole mix of age groups. No one under 18 is allowed, fyi.

If you’re interested, I’m looking at maybe getting together a Bingo Crawl. We had a ton of fun, got some extra cash, and did something different already this year! And I had a lot of people say they wanted to join. I’ll be posting get togethers on Yelp and you can follow #BingoCrawl on twitter. If you want to see all the tons of Bingo places I’ve scouted, I’ve got a board up on Pinterest




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