FotoFocus – Taft Museum

19 10 2012

I got the privilege of attending the Taft Museum’s FotoFocus feature, Star Power: Edward Steichen’s Glamour Photography.

So what exactly is this FotoFcus you’ve been hearing about? From their website:

The FotoFocus biennial presents an unprecedented opportunity to learn about and experience the diverse currents of photography. FOTOFOCUS brings together museums, galleries, and universities showcasing world-renowned artists and national and regional standouts. Pop-up venues, community art centers, and other grass roots organizations explore current trends in photography with exhibitions featuring the work of emerging talents and students.

I also found this video to be helpful in explaining just what it’s about

The Taft Museum is one such venue featuring the works of Edward Steichen. He is most known for being Vogue’s photographer back in the 20’s -30’s. He brought naturalism to fashion, and did away with the cute perkiness. There was a quote thrown out that night that he makes every cutie look like a woman.

Steichen took a lot of pictures in his apt on 5th ave in New York City. He helped to bring in the modernism of photography. He played with lines and diagonals, and truly changed fashion photography in that time.

That Taft has even a few magazines in which his pictures appear, as well as some that never made it to print. A lot of his work wouldn’t appear for a few years, like the photo of Gloria Swanson above. It didn’t apppear until 4 years after he originally took this photo. This is one of my favorites of the exibhit. Nancy, the curator says the same. If you don’t come to see this one, then you should see the one of Greta Garbo or Gary Cooper.

The exhibit runs through January 27, 2013. The Taft Museum is open Wednesday – Friday, from 11:00 – 4:00, and weekends 11:00 – 5:00. Admission is only $10.00 and is free for all on Sundays. Or you can use your FotoFocus Passport for entry into the exhibit.

They also have a cute little area set up to Steichenize yourself and your friends. I love interactive exhibits 🙂 So of course me and my friend Paige of CincyWhimsy had to take part

You can see her post about it here




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