Beerfest – Catholic School Edition

11 06 2012

Most of us know about or have Ben to Beerfest downtown at the convention center, so when I hear “Beerfest” my mind instantly lights up. For a second thinks of the horrible hangover, but that’s quickly replaced by how many different beers I’m about to consume.

So I heard about a Beerfest in my old neighborhood to Pleasant Ridge and decided it might be worth a look.


It’s set up as what you would expect, a few tables with information about specific beers, and people on the other side handing it out. Now these were volunteers so we didn’t get the full gamut of the beers, but they were surprisingly knowledgable! There were about 30 different beers to choose from, and they had a broad selection. A little bit for everyone.

You paid $12 for 5 tickets (It was $10 in advance) and got a glass, extra tickets were $1 as well. It wasn’t really explained what as going on other than the beer and snacks were inside. The snacks were baskets of munchies; pretzels, chips, grippos. There was a concession stand and what looked to be a grill outside that might have taken tickets? That part was foreign to me. There re kids around but they were on the other side of the gym Behind e curtain or out on the playground, so not in the way at all! There were tables outside as well and a decent band was playing. It was a pretty good atmosphere and a bit on the smaller side. I’m looking forward to checking it out again next year!





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