Crazy busy weekend in Cincy

25 08 2011

Ok so the past few weeks, I was all looking forward to this weekend, and relaxing as I had absolutely nothing planned. But now? Oh now… There is not going to be enough hours in the day to cram everything in. So if you’re like me, come, join in my insane misery 😛

Option #1:

Taste of Blue Ash

Yes this event is similar to Taste of Cincinnati, only more locally focused. Yes there will be amazing food and lots of it, but thats not the draw. The entertainment, is what I will going for. Friday @9pm is Pat Benatar, so ladies, this would be a great girls night out. Saturday @9pm is REO Speedwagon. You can find me front and center for that concert! and Sunday @7:30 is Creedance Clearwater Revisited. This is going to be my first time out, and it sounds amazing!! And best of all?! The concerts are FREE!!


Option #2

Brew Ha Ha

This is another first for me. But from what I hear, it involves, lots of beer, and lots of laughs. It’s held at Sawyer Point on the River, and it boasts 50 Comedians on 3 stages and 100 beers.  Friday Night @9 is Bert “The Machine” Kreischer. Again, this is where I will be. If you’ve never seen him live, or are a fan of his “Bert the Conqueror” show on Travel Channel, GO! He’s freakin hilarious! Saturday night @9:50 is Caroline Rhea. And yet again, the beer samples will cost you, but the Comedy is FREE!!


Option #3

Summer Music Series

Fountain Square is already one rocking place to be. Throw in Free concerts and a great urban setting, and you got yourself a party!


Option #4

Germania Society’s Oktoberfest

No this is not the big Oktoberfest Zinzinnati. This is the Slightly smaller, slightly more authentic Oktoberfest at Germania Park on Kemper Road. It may not be the huge drunken party, but you can make sure the liederhosen still fit from last year, and get an early start on the festivities 🙂 That and they have Spaetzel 🙂 nom!


Option #5

Grease at the Drive In!

Holiday Auto Theatre is located in Hamilton. If you’ve never gone, you are missing out!! Occasionally this place has good ol throw back weekends. This weekend would be one of them… kinda. The first movie is Spy Kids 4million (or something like that) @ 8:30 but then @ 10:30 They’re going old school and showing Grease! I mean if you love or hate the movie, you gotta admit it would be awesome to see it like in the movie! (Just don’t ditch your date 😉 ) Trust me, I went and saw The Wizard of Oz at 20 Century theater in Oakley thanks to Watch This, and it was magnificent to see on the big screen! Although I’m not sure if more kids/teens or more grownups will be singing along. 😛


Will I make it to everything? Probably not… But I will definitely be checking out Bert on Friday, and REO on Sat, and i really really wanna get out to see Grease




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