Coasting for Kids

20 07 2011

From my awesome page:

I am participating in the “Coasting For Kids” event, benefitting Give Kids The World. I will be riding The Racer roller coaster at Kings Island! Your pledge will help provide these special families with a cost-free magical vacation to Give Kids The World, where the families enjoy their own fun times at Central Florida’s attractions. Each year over 6,500 children from all 50 states and around the world experience the Village. With your support, we can make a difference in the lives of children and their families.

About Give Kids The World Village

The most magical sound in the world is that of a child’s laughter. That is what fills the air at Give Kids The World Village (GKTW), a fanciful, carefree retreat for children with life-threatening illnesses and their deserving families.

GKTW is a 70-acre, nonprofit “storybook” resort located near Central Florida’s most beloved attractions. While at the Village children and their families are treated to weeklong cost-free fantasy vacations, complete with accommodations in whimsical villas, transportation, donated attractions tickets, meals and much more. These children learn that dreams really do come true as they and their families and immersed in joy, love and hope for a few unforgettable happy days- a most welcomed escape from the weight of their challenging circumstances.

Since 1986, GKTW has hosted families from all 50 states and more than 68 countries. The extraordinary, life-changing experience that GKTW offers is a gift made possible only thorough the generosity of countless corporations and individuals like you. For more information, visit

GKTW’s fiscal responsibility…

GKTW is proud to be ranked among the nation’s top charities and is committed to fiscal responsibility and being a good steward of the support and resources we receive from our generous corporate heroes and dedicated individuals. Of each dollar GKTW spent in the fiscal year 2008, approximately 93 cents went directly to the families for their cost-free, magical vacation.

Charity Navigator has awarded GKTW its four-star rating for the past four years, the organization’s top designation. Charity Navigator also ranks Give Kids The World among the Top 20 charities nationwide.

For more information, visit

I’m choosing to help out this awesome cause, that I’ve first hand seen from many people in my community take part in. I swear the kids come back looking the healthiest they’ve ever been. All I’m asking for a small donation to help me help the kids. I’ve personally thrown in $50 of my own money to help (which doesn’t show up on my page booo…) and I’d love to have others help me in my endeavors as well! Heck I might even take someone to Kings Island with me sometime if they surprise me and are awesome 😉 But really, if I could get all of you on Twitter or Facebook that follow me to donate even $1! that amount would be catastrophic!! Please pass this on. I ride on Sunday… all day… and i’m praying this heat wave goes away by then, so I can “enjoy” 8 hours on the Racer. And if you’re going to be there, let me know!! I might even challenge you to a race 😉





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