Beware of Zombies

14 07 2011

For those that haven’t heard, another electronic road sign in Kentucky was hacked in Lexington, this time for the Harry Potter Premier.

Harry Potter Death Eaters Ahead

Harry Potter Muggles Beware

Personally I think this shit is hilarious!!! As long as no one is getting hurt or you’re taking off an important message. Like a few weeks ago heading into Cincinnati Motorists were greeted by Zombies Ahead!

Zombies Ahead

This sign merely warned motorists of Nightly Lane Closures, which really was no significance at 7am. And from the comments around the article, motorists got a good chuckle and it brightened their dreary Thursday morning just a little bit.

I had actually stumbled upon a blog post about 3 months back that I had saved to reblog, and now is as perfect time as any. It actually spells out how incredibly easy it is to hack these.

*I DID NOT TAKE THESE, NOR ATTEMPT IT AND I IN KNOW WAY CONDONE THIS! Just wanted to put the information out there that is not exactly.. lets say.. idiot proof….*
Again, if their lighthearted and not posing any real threat, I think their great! I mean how many people really pay attention to these things? I had at least 3 people on my twitter stream that drove by that sign that morning, with the “Zombies Ahead” on it and they didn’t even notice it. I think Kentucky needs to have a laugh with the rest of us and enjoy it for the fun light heartedness it was meant to be taken as.




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