Yelps Iron Chef Cook Off!

8 07 2011

This week starts the first Cincinnati Yelp Eats week! If any of you participated in Yelp Drinks, well… you might remember it was an awesome time. Starting the 11th though Yelp Eats will take on a ton of restaurants offering half price appetizers, entrees, and desserts. It’s recommended you make reservations and tell them its part of Yelp Eats, even if you’re not a member (although you seriously should be by now!)

So last night, there were 5 chefs squaring off to declare the best chef under pressure in Cincinnati! (At least that was my take πŸ˜› )

Chef Mark from Parkers Blue Ash Tavern

Chef Steven from the former Maribelle's Tavern

Chef Bella from Roxy's

Chef Matt from Virgil's

And Chef Josh from Mayberry

Now mind you if anyone has a twitter account, Weds night there was a heated discussion/war of words, going on between Virgil’s and Mayberry, that was quite entertaining. They were definitely the two to watch… which was easy as they were pitted right next to each other.

While everyone was enjoying their beer and watching the chefs, there was food from other local vendors to be had as well! Bella Luna, Blinkers Tavern, FB’s, and Keystone with their mac’n’cheese were just a few of the vendors there!

At this point in time, me and Kristen got pulled down the kitchen to assist in restocking since people were eating the food faster than they could get it set on the table!



I’m pretty sure this is my all time favorite photo of the night! Alex (left) is waiting on David Glier (right) of Glier’s Goetta to finish a tray of Goetta Dogs to being upstairs, while Mac’s Pizza Pub, is doing what he does best in the background πŸ™‚ This was pretty much the fly around crazy atmosphere in the kitchen trying to keep the hungry masses fed upstairs… mind you there were only 3 cooks when I was in there. This was also the same time the fire marshal came (Sorry Alex) which pretty much means we were having one hell of a party!! But there were no worries as we were still well under capacity (I know it didn’t seem that way)

Finally after all this ruckus it was time for the judges to judge the chefs! we had 3 Cincinnati Celebrity Judges and one awesome Yelp Elite Judge! from left to right their were Celeste, Yelp Elite. Bridgett, from 365 Cincinnati. Julie from Wine Me, Dine Me. And Carla, Cincinnati State Professor and behind Hoperatives.

It looked to be a tough decision, but the winner coming out ahead ended up being Mayberry! I’ll tell you what though it all looked amazing! Ilast night was a hint at what this week full of Yelp Eats will be like, I so can not wait!!

Awesome tune spinnage from Queen City Crates

Nom. Vodka and watermelon


So. much. Goetta!! ❀


Photo booths are always awesome!

Hoxworth reppin with free stuff! woot!

Success! πŸ™‚




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