Sh*t my Boyfriend Says

10 06 2011

Ok so I’m really slacking on these posts… But I have a few from this past weekend… or 2 or 3 ago. I’ll warn you now, these are not meant to be taken badly. I swear!!

Number 1. At my friend Em’s wedding the boy and I were sitting with another friend and her hubby, and we kept making fun of whoever it was that was drinking water at the time (since we were all driving back to our houses that night)

J: “We turn beer into water… and water into wine! Winning!”


Number 2: and this is my big disclaimer that that this is not meant to be taken the wrong way at all!!! (as we all know there are people out there…)
Anywho we were discussing our future children (for whatever reason) and I’m not sure how we got on the subject, about how I’m hoping our kids don’t take after him right out of the womb (as he’s 6′ 6″) which somehow lead to me mentioning somehow about the baby coming out black

J: “If the baby is black then we ave way bigger issues babe….”
Me: “But there’s African in my family!! Way… way back in my family…”
J: “5 generations back does not count!! We know it wouldn’t take after BOTH of us”
Me” But what about Albinos? They technically don’t take after their parents!!”
J: “Albinoism is a genetic defect!! Blackatism is not!!”

In which case led to a discussion of someone Googleing it…


And on a random note… we did our first wedding registry yesterday! And yes I’m well aware that it is 80% entirely too early… Don’t care, I can only put so much stuff off until my sisters wedding at the end of July. OH! And I’m going wedding dress shopping next weekend πŸ™‚ yay!




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