Dinosaurs Alive half preview #1

27 05 2011



We were met at Kings Island On Thursday with a storm wanting to roll in and dump its vengeance… Being the regulars we are, we didn’t let a few rain drops stop us. We went in and enjoyed the bumper cars and a few rounds on the carousel before the rain let up enough for us to walk to Boo Blasters and then get over to Diamondbacks shelter before it dumped again. After that it was beautiful non-wet sailing


At least the rain gave me a little bit of rainbow happyness over Diamondback 🙂

We had actually ventured to the park today for the sole purpose of checking out their new Dinosaurs Alive exhibit, but the rain hindered it opening by the time we got there. We found out at 8pm (after the park lines were closed) that if you had bought a ticket, they were still honoring them, and were letting you go through (kudos +1 KI!) If I had known that I would have gone to the little automated ticket kiosk and gotten one earlier when it was closed 😦 So you’re just getting a taste of what it looks like from the outside. Which is still kinda neat. They went a little all out for it. I’m hoping it will still be worth the $5.


I feel the podium actually ties in with this pretty well


Don't let him smell your fear....


Pretty sidewalk

Now the actual walking into the attraction could use some work… or maybe we just need to give it some time for the wood to wear down and actually look more blended in….


The first glimpse right before you go under the racer...


Pretty boring looking entrance


I wish I was kidding, but this thing sounds like a freakin sheep!




The sign just cracks me up!!




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30 06 2011

hi! I can’t wait to see this!

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