Day 7 of 30 Days in Photos

4 02 2011


Day 07 – A picture of your most treasured item

again this is a hard one… I mean on one hand I want to put a pic of my family, or my best friends, or my sisters… but yet that doesn’t seem to quite fit the description… and I’m going to spend all day on this thinking about it actually…

Ok so I slacked a lot on this. I apologize. But alas I have my answer. At least what I have here and not still in a box at my parents (the afghan my great grandma crochted me).

This is in my room and has a few things that collectively are my most treasured. The shelf, doily, and picture are from my grandma from my great gma who lived to be 104. The tiara is from being the Homecoming Princess my senior year of college (they liked me they really liked me lol). It was a surreal time. I wouldn’t have never gave a shit about that stuff in high school, and i didn’t lol. it was nice to be loved and make my little frat bro escort me haha. The candle and centerpiece are from my proms. and the beany baby was from one of my Godparents. And then theres my german wooden roses.

So there it is finally. I surprisingly dont have sorority stuff there. Well the tiara kinda counts πŸ˜›




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