Christmas Sh!*

24 12 2010


Tis the season… for crazy stuff flying out of our mouths. This gem is from my friend S, who was talking about shopping (with her young daughters in earshot)

S: “I have to go Ho Ho Ho if you know what I mean”
*S’s hubby chuckles and mentions something about money.
S: “Not Ho Ho Ho street corner! Ho Ho Ho jolly fat guy!!”

lol I thought it was entertainingly fitting πŸ™‚ Merry Christmas everyone! Have a safe, blessed, and fun holiday! If you have any great Sh!* my friends say holiday moments, please share them in the comments. If you have a great moment feel free to email me!




2 responses

24 12 2010
jetsetting divas

Lol that was funny ….happy holidays!

5 02 2011
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