Epically Awesome Hyper Induced Ideas!!!

15 12 2010

Ok, so tell me I’m not the only one that has random moments of hyperness/ADD/Goodness-only-knows-what…. But in those crazy insane moments, the most AWESOME!!! ideas just come flowing out of your head?! Anyone? Someone? I know you’re full of it, but that’s ok I’ll figure you anyways πŸ™‚


So, my biggest awesomest idea is going to be the hardest to pull off… I was going back and forth reading Allie’s work and the Bloggess and the craziest idea struck me! (Seriously go read the Bloggess Link it’ll make ten million times more sense!)

Anyways, I’m thinking I can’t be the only girl with an old prom dress stuck in a bag in the back of a closet at their parents house most likely that some day “she’ll want to take with her when she moves out” or “pass down to her kids” where really we’re just sentimental bitches who can’t handle the truth that we probably would have been better off selling them in the local dress trade and making $50 back when this shit was in style! Here I’ll admit I’m pretty sure I have 3… that I’ll most likely never wear again (although I said that about the first one and we had a fake wedding as an excuse to drink, eat wedding noodles, have cake, and square dance… ok mainly just drink… and we were young and stupid and I’m pretty sure this was my freshman year of college, and it was totally lame/dorky, yet awesome! I’ll find a pic and post it later. i swear!

Ok still rambling. still hyper. crap. So Idea. Yeah. On it. I want to get a group of people together (with or without a limo) all dressed up in formal wear (and probably tennis shoes) and go do something, somewhere where you would not wear such nice things. I suggest Chuck E Cheese or something of the likes. the Boy just looked at me like i was dumb… until he realized I was serious, and then didn’t want to crush my poor little dream with his gigantic “your so dumb” look πŸ˜› So he mentioned a bowling alley, and then i got the even crazier idea to the local ski place and go snow tubing/skiing. I could totally rock some snow pants under a big poofy dress! But still the cold doesn’t fair well. Then I thought about just bar hopping, or a football game, but they’re expensive, so maybe we could rock it at a Reds game next year? I don’t know. Maybe I’ve finally lost it…. whatever it is/was/???? I still think it would be EPIC!!!

**OMG Afterthought! I totally want to do this at Kings Island!!!


And on the subject of snow tubing/skiing/sledding. I totally want to go tubing down Mt. Adams! Which if you live in Cincinnati knows is practically impossible, unless I could learn to steer a snow tube down the streets before the plows get there… Maybe I’ll settle for the lawn out in front of Playhouse in the Park.

*side note: i really dislike snow and for me to be wanting to do this, is just well, crazy πŸ˜›

**Idea 2.1: I want to ride a Christmas tree down a hill… don’t ask me why or how this would work, but it would make some epic videos!


I want to tally Foursquare swarm some random rinky-dink, tiny, hole-in-the-wall place. On a random night. When like 2 or 3 old guys are chilling in a bar with their coffee or scotch just have a flash mob party up the place! This could totally combine Idea 1 and 3 now that I think about it!


And this one kind of stemmed from my old roommate Tina, who was talking about personality test one day and how she thought of me like the entire time, as I’m relatively spontaneous, and I’m not sure she has a non-planning bone in her body… but yeah. Maybe I’ll do it with my tax return check… But I either want a giant blow up map of the world and throw 3 darts and pick a spot where one lands, or just go to the airport with my bag, and my passport and take the next plane just for the hell of it.

*Idea 4.1: Or maybe I can just randomly hop on a plane to England and show up at one of my former Rugby teammates flats and party in Liverpool/Ormskirk for a week. That would be awesome!

**for those that don’t know, I lived in England back in 2006 for a few months, played rugby, had a blast, partied, tried out pubs, and fish n chips, and overall had a blast!!! And really want to go back!

And now the hyperness is starting to wear down and my ideas are getting less plausible… I had another one, but then I lost it as I started losing track of it when skydiving monkeys and leprechauns started taking over… sad thing is this was all thought up sober… lol

So… who’s with me? Or who has anything to add to my awesomely epic adventures? πŸ™‚


I totally found this just after I posted this! Woot!!! How awesome would something like this be?! πŸ˜€




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19 01 2011
Andi - Lunch It Punch It

I was invited to a bachelorette party where the dress code was bridesmaid dresses, but I would have liked it better if we went to an arcade than a bar.

I love improv everywhere – the mobile computer where they take the desktop computer to starbucks and the best buys ones are my favorites.

Thanks for stopping by Lunch It Punch It, your wine and butter foods sound delish!

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