Sh!* my family says

6 12 2010

I realized I missed a week in what I said was going to be weekly… but, there’s just so much stuff out there it’s hard to choose from! That and with the holidays I was stuck with my family… and well.. we all know how that goes.

So let me set the scene for this one a bit… We were on our way to Missouri to see my oldest little brother graduation from the National Guard and be a real soldier πŸ™‚ *cue awesomeness right?!* And by we I mean both parents the youngest brother my younger sister, and both of my grandma’s. We were fortunately in our own little room at a Culvers in goodness-only-knows-where Illinois maybe? I have no idea what really led up to it but it was something along the lines of us arguing about something stupid and then:

Mom: I’m sure I know how you feel…
Me: really?! You have NO idea!
Youngest brother: Dude!! You came out of her! She knows you better than anyone!
*cue the priceless looks on grandmas’ faces*

So proud of my Bubby being in the Army Corps of Engineers πŸ™‚


Later the next week as I was driving back to the rents place, me and bf stopped in a Chik-fil-a in Dayton and noticed this headline screaming at us:

“Driver in Car Crash that Killed Mayor Dies in Shooting”
Granted no it’s not a funny story but the headline deserved a very strong wtf?!




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