2 12 2010

So who doesn’t like decorating for Christmas?! Ok actually… I would normally fall into this category… until about 2 weeks before, thanks to my little sister being way over obsessed with the holiday (Love you Sissy πŸ™‚ ) But yeah I was home at the rents and all of us were together so it happened. And then I was surprisingly still in the mood to decorate the crap out of my own apartment on Sunday (No thanks to the bf who has to many excuses about why he can’t decorate πŸ˜› ) But he did at least put the hooks on my ornaments for me so he gets a slight tiny bit of credit.

Christmas Tree

This is my totally cute ass actually "themed" (red and silver) Christmas Tree πŸ™‚

Can I just go on the record by saying how absolutely hard it is to find red and silver decorations?! Seriously… take a look when you’re in a store next. 95% of it will be red and gold… i absolutely hate gold…

Fire Hazard Village

So I set up the little Christmas Village of my moms every year, and it's started to get out of hand (read doesn't fit on the mantle and piano anymore) And this was my before-i-hid-all-the-cords-under-white-stuffing fire hazard pic πŸ˜›

I also feel I should add that I was one of those horrible people I said i’d never be and was outside. in line. at Best Buy. at 2:30 am…. UGH. It was freezing while my sister waited in a nice warm aisle inside Wal-Mart next door… I am such a great big sister… considering I froze to get my oldest little brother his graduation from the army gift πŸ˜› I better get kick ass presents for that! πŸ˜‰




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2 12 2010
On Track Blog

I’m with you…silver is where it’s at..not gold!

Can’t believe you went out for Black Friday…ugh! lol

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