$#!* my Boyfriend Says

12 11 2010

So I’m in love with the show Sh*t My Dad Says, after loving excerpts that I read from the book. And after watching it last night I looked at my self and said “Self, You have friends that are just as wierd and cracked out as Shatner. And they’re all freaking hilarious!” and then my voices started argueing and anyways… I’ve decided to do a weekly weekendy $#!* my friends say post. Some of these may come from way back, but they were so good that of course I remember them! And some may come from college and our infamous quote wall we had senior year. And some of these will come from my boy who randomly spurts things out of his mouth without even realizing or thinking about them, which of course would probably not be quite as hilarious.


So without further ado I give you the first!

While on a roadtrip to Niagara Falls/Canada’s Wonderland theme park in Toronto, we’re driving into Canada late at night and in the middle of absofuckingnowhere. (note: never go up the thumb of Michigan and over the Bridge into Canada. Or at least fill up in Detroit. There is NOTHING).

2am (rough abridged version):
Me: Wow, So Canada looks exactly like BFE (BumF8ckEgypt aka middle of absofuckingnowhere for those not hip with rural slang) Ohio… Did we even cross the border?!

BF: I know right?! It’s like Canada’s the 51st State!

Me: Wait when did Canada become a state?!

BF: The same time Pluto became not a planet.
I think that line saddens me after I’m done laughing about it… but I’ve said screw it. When I have kids, they will know about Pluto and it’s awesomeness!! I will make them watch the Saved By the Bell Episode full of Screech’s MvemjSNUP! (omg my kinked hair and stretchy pants with scrunchy socks are showing). I still don’t feel all up to the whole not a planet thing. I mean who are we to cast Pluto aside like a one-night stand!




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17 11 2010
On Track Blog

Too funny!

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