5 11 2010

Check out the Cincinnati Streetcar on public display.


Cincinnati's first glimpse at the new streetcar system


Yay!!! The streetcars finally making its way to Cincy!! It’ll be set up by Fountain Square until Nov 10th and open to the public from 11am-7pm to check out if you’d like. I think this is awesome and will hopefully turn around some non believers 😛

Thanks to Erica over at Cincinnati ReAdventure for the pics!!

For more information check out the Cincy Streetcar Blog!




3 responses

5 11 2010
On Track Blog

I personally cannot wait for the streetcars. It’ll be a nice addition to Cincinnati and it’ll help make things easier to deal with!

9 11 2010

Excuse my non-cincy ignorance, but is that like a bus?

9 11 2010

lol sort of Dee. It’s better than our buses, IMO. It’s more of a combination of bus/subway/train. And is going to move people easier and quicker and open up all sorts of business opportunities! 🙂

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