Haunted Cave

25 10 2010


Holy freaking Satan, Batman! The Batcave has been infiltrated!

Forget anything about haunted houses you know! Heck, forget any haunted house you’ve ever been to for that matter! I can attest to Lewisburg Haunted Cave being Ohio’s number 1 haunt according to Ohio Valley. This place almost doesn’t have words to describe it! But I’m going to try anyways.

You start off descending 100 ft into the cave with the lights flickering and shorting out on you while you wait your turn to climb down into the depths of Hell itself.

Rickety bridges guide you over underground lakes as demented souls pop in and out of nowhere and everywhere. You walk through forests and graveyards and walk between moving walls to ultimately make a sacrifice to be able to proceed on your journey… if you’re lucky…

And then the demented come out to play as you attempt to make your way through 3 caverns of chain-link and strobe maze… never knowing if your coming or going or if you’ve seen the same people 17 different times. Warning: this is the first of 2 places where you’ll most likely spend the majority of your time.

When you finally (if you do) make it out, you are bombard by your own senses. You hear drums and cars echoing off of near pitch blackness as you try not to stray off the path and get lost in the 50+ miles of tunnels-even though at this point you’re pretty sure that’s already happened.

And you finally come to Satan himself in his throne of fire and gives you multiple choices on where to wander to next. This would be part 2 of your time consumption. Once you find the path that doesn’t lead you back to the devil, his trickery leads you to even more choices!! I will at least give you a small hint: to always check out a room entirely when you enter it before deciding which way to proceed next.

The demons come out in all the glory and deamonness as you try to make your way out. Some of which are truly an amazing site. And just when you think you will never see the light of day again, along with experiencing mass amounts of deja vu, you realize there really is a light at the end of the tunnel!

I am a person that absolutely  loves haunted house, even though most don’t scare me thanks to years working in a haunt, but this one truly got to me. This isn’t as much a Boo scary as it is a total mind freak scary. All of your senses are tested here and its just crazy! But definitely at the top of my list, as it should be yours!

They also have a historical mine ride done by the historical society with proceeds going directly to the society. This is not a scary wagon ride. They tell you about the history of the mine. It is kinda neat to do… but the pull for this attraction? *shudders* the bats. Here you get up close and personal with the sleeping/hibernating bats hanging literally a foot or 2 above your head or on the walls across from you. Neat but freaky!

I totally 115% recommend you be thee shortly before it opens at 7, or you will be waiting in line. This place gets packed, and for good reason!




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