Kings Dominion’s Halloween Haunt

9 10 2010



Ok so we hit all the Haunts, 2 scare zones and a night ride on Intimadator 305. All in under an hour and a half on a Friday night πŸ™‚ Got there and park was pretty much dead (half pun intended lol). I’m going to put a disclaimer here and let you know I took off a point already for masks. almost EVERY actor had one on. Most houses didn’t need them. Doll Factory was the only one where ot didn’t look completely pathetic… So here’s my breakdown:

Kamp Killauee: 5/10 Theming was awesome!! Great concept but not much follow through with the scares. there were a few but meh. the bunkhouse was the best. one of the few rooms set up along the pathway.

The Harvest (scarezone) 2/10 only a few actors set up like a field kinda cornstalkerish. a lot of just running from one side to the other. not much interaction, which is kinda the point of scarezones

Blue Ridge Bloodbath: 6/10 LOVE the concept of getting to drive the antique cars and go through a haunt at the same time (that gave it an extra point lol) but they had the tops up on the cars so u couldn’t see as well. But I soon found out why as a scareactor hit the top and I’ll admot made me jump. I wanted more from it… like hopping in the seat next to me or the front or back of the car… but i know Cedar Fair isn’t about good scares sometimes lol

The Asylum: 4/10 Again good concept not much follow through. chain link and black tarps. A guy running into padded walls on a doctor chair and a creepy nurse were the highlights. they were crazy but not crazy scary.

Toxic Plague: 7 Awesome concept!!! It’s set up as a sewer with creepy crawlies, bugs, rats, snakes etc. it had some neat blacklight sludge effecrs that were rad. one room had “maggots” that fell on your head as the actor told us. I’m still not sure if it was rice or sand or what but definately creepy. If you don’t do bugs and critters this would definately creep you the hell out!

Club Blood: 6/10 An extra point for their theming!! Holy crap it was the best set up I’ve seen in a Club Blood yet! set in Tokyo perhaps, needed a DJ in the “club scene”. Hard to tell it was vampires tho. They did have “glass cages” after the club which were neat and added a surprise sound and air blast element.

SlaughterHouse: 6/10 This one again had great sets. Half of it was better than Kings Islands other parts seemed lacking. They had a good intro. The tour director leads you through 2 rooms and “just can’t go any farther” It had some good surprise spots.

Medeival Macabre: 3/10 So props to using the scented fog and what not but it was waaaayyyy overbearing throughout. again it would be 2 times better without masks. there was one area of about 15 actors. a little much?! Just not much popping…

Feary Tales (scarezone) 3/10 and only from one of the actors following some dumbasses around trying to steal props and talking about Alice being a whore LOL. much like The Harvest, but more effort.

Doll Factory: 8/10 the best so far! here the masks worked the makeup worked there dolls and doll parts and dollhouse rooms everywhere!!! Very high on the creepyness factor. The actors were good had robotic movements that added to the beleivable factor and overall incredibly well done! the setup was amazing!!

Alien Outpost: 5.5/10 Great concept through the flight of fear coaster queue. Here the costumes were more believable and the masks they did have worked. Actors used the corners and ride props to their advantage. But 2 declining factors. 1. you should get a choice to ride or go through their exit (they had the ride line closed) 2. There is just way too much dead space of going back and forth through queue lines wth no actors even. lots of potential not much follow through.

And topping it off with a night ride on Intmidator 305 doesn’t hurt either πŸ™‚




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10 10 2010
On Track Blog

Sounds like a great time! Thanks for your review!

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