WEBN Labor Day Fireworks

7 09 2010

The Cincinnati Bell/WEBN fireworks are by far, one of thee absolute best fireworks displays. With a little over half a million people viewing it from both sides of the Ohio River, in a small amount of space between 2 bridges. Every year I wonder why I fight the traffic, paying insane amounts to park so far away, walking through downtown to get to the riverbanks to get elbowed and watch snails move through the crowd faster than me…

But then it starts… and all these people come together to see who can be the loudest, and who wins the 4square check in war (well done Kentucky)-even though there was no Super Swarm badge 😦 187 seemed to be the top out, but on a brighter note i got the special VH1/MTV moonman badge πŸ™‚ and i’m one more trip closer to the Ziggy Wagon’s badge, and the VH1 Badge, yes right here in Cincinnati πŸ™‚

But anyways, enough about the epicness that is 4sq and on with the evening.

But the highlight I believe is from the end of the night and stuck walking behind the lady in the shiny purple spandex, purple socks, and a purple sweater; and her poor child in bright lime green leggings, taking after her mom. It’s been submitted to WTFCincy so I’ll link to it soon hopefully πŸ˜‰




One response

8 09 2010
On Track Blog

Nothing will ever compare to the WEBN fireworks. There is no such experience that can even come close! I’m happy that you posted pictures! πŸ™‚

Piano bars are great and I think you are addicted to 4sq.

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