Play Me, Sharonville

12 08 2010

Alright… No beating around this and drawing it out.

This one. Is. My. Favorite! In both look and sound. It’s definitely thee neatest looking one!!

Sharon back

I love when they do something to the backs as well! 🙂

Sharon front

😀 it's just so cute!

It’s located in Depot Square in Sharonville, right outside of Anton’s Ice Cream (which is well Nom!) Right next to a real train car, surrounded by patios.

Depot Square

Great location! cute patios and lots of shade to enjoy music

This piano is not only the coolest looking one, but it’s the best sounding too. It’s reverb is awesome! And I don’t know if its the piano or the placement, but traffic doesn’t even come close to drowning out the sound! You can hear it all up and down the square (which I guess could be good and bad). But if you check out only one, so far I’d say this one is it!


Ok maybe not so cute as it wants to eat my fingers....




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