Play Me, I’m Yours

11 08 2010

So Monday, Cincinnati unleashed Play Me, I’m Yours. In which 35 pianos, painted by local organizations (much like the flying pigs were) are scattered throughout downtown and te surrounding suburbs. These go into Kentucky (one on Mainstrause and the Purple People Bridge) all the way up to Miami University in Oxford.

They are set out in public places and can be accessed at all hours, except for the ones located inside establishments like the Cincinnati Zoo, which can only be played while its opened. I happened to take a walk last night after dinner to the one a few blocks down on the front porch of the Kennedy Heights Art Center. It was 9pm so it was dark out, but the piano was there with the porch lights shining off to the side of it, so I hopped up there and played a few as the sun finished setting.

The bass tones are amazing! The midsection is getting a bit out of tune, but with the heat being what it is, I’m not surprised in the least. A few of the black keys are loose or stuck so it makes it really hard to play Moonlight Sonata, but it was fun none the less. I’ll update with each new piano I happen to stumble upon. I really want to make it a point to hit at least half of them. There’s a chunk of them downtown (around 7 or so) within a few blocks, so I might have to venture down there some night.

If you happen upon one, even if all you can muster is Mary had a little Lamb, or Chopsticks, give a try! That’s what its there for! and I personally think it’s an AWESOME project!

Play me I'm yours Kennedy Arts

Playing on the Kennedy Heights Art Centers front porch.

Kennedy Piano

The back side is painted like a cute picket fence with flowers between the slats.




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