Play Me, Blue Ash

11 08 2010

So on my lunch break, I had to head out to Blue Ash to pick up some stuff for work from a sign shop, and I remembered that there was a piano down that way. Why not? It works towards my goal. I had checked the website earlier and noticed a small crowd enjoying the weather about an hour and a half prior, so it looked in a prime location to hunt it out. I stopped at Jersey Mike’s with a co-worker, then it was off in search of the piano!

This one reminded me of what you’d find in a school music room. The sound was just… well… sound I guess. It didn’t have that reverb or that deep tonal quality. It wasn’t bad. Not at all. I’m a music person. I can play about 7 different instruments marginally well. I can hear tones. To anyone else, it sounded great! But it was still nice. It was a shorter upright so the sound was way different than the full one I played on last night at the Kennedy Art Center. So maybe I’m comparing apples to bananas here…

But the search continues. And I’ll update as I find more 🙂






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