Thee Ohio State Fair

10 08 2010

so sunday was reserved for the fair. Mind you I haven’t been here since 02 and I’m a hick so I love me some fair time. I grew up in those horse barns and the 4-H building. It was nice to be back there.

Of course the first thing I had to do was hit the free stuff. I mean who doesn’t love free crap?! At least for maybe the next week lol. Then it was time to gorge myself down the midway. Unfortunately I didn’t find a fried pickle booth 😦 but there were plenty of sweet corn! yay! then I decided to head towards the rides. I’m a coaster nerd. There. I said it. Those little rides are heaven. But first I spied a giant fun slide!

Then it was off to some rickety yet awesome coasters!

I forgot how huge this fair was. Since it was the last day tho, I didn’t get to see any of the animals really 😦

oh!! I forgot that double ferris wheels are not as much fun as they seem. I mean don’t get me wrong… air time? on a ferris wheel? Its pretty bad ass… I just didn’t have the stomach for it I guess.

We ended the night with a trip to Dave & Busters at Polaris. It’s insanely small compared to Cincinnati’s but its still fun. Their fondue dessert is A-mazing!! But still, with all there is to do everyone can find something to do. And it warrants a trip every couple of years.




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