End of the Summer Road Trip Weekend

9 08 2010

Ok so my weekend started a little early on Thursday. Now I haven’t been much of a partier since graduating college, so I have to check out Party in the Park and things of that nature on Weds/Thurs, but Oval Opus got back together for a charity event in Newport at JB Fins (on the deck between Hooters and Beer Seller) and I’ll admit that’s a pretty great place to catch a local concert! You’ve got the skyline in the background, you can get up close and personal with the band, there’s all sorts of seating all around the stage, and a bar right outside so you don’t have to miss a moment of the action. Beer prices are a little outrageous if you’re just buying a single beer (I’d recommend the bucket for 6 or more at $2 a piece). And as far as the girly froo-froo drinks go you’re out of luck on the Smirnoff’s or the Bacardi’s, but they do have mixers. On Thurs, they didn’t have a cover when we got there shortly after 9.

Oval Opus performing at JB Fins

Oval Opus performing at JB Fins

Friday was a bit more of an adventure (if that’s even possible) Mind you I work up in the Evendale (Sharonville) Business Park, but I had been hearing nothing but amazing things about the food truck. So I decided I was going to have a lunchtime adventure, and suckered a co-worker into joining me. So a 20 minute drive (really with the whole merging around Hamilton on 75? Who thought that traffic pattern up?!) we grabbed a spot down Race and walked up the block to where Cafe de Wheels Twitter page said they would be. Not too much of a line, which was nice. I noticed Just Q’in next door. Hadn’t heard of them yet. No sign of them on foursquare or Yelp yet, so I might have to give it a try next time.

But from the reviews I decided to go with their signature Wheels Burger and fries. Jess went for the sweet potato fries. I don’t know what it is but those fries (or the seasoning?) is Heaven!! I don’t care for sweet potatoes in any form whatsoever. I don’t even care for the smell. But these were amazing! I’m also an adamant fries-with-ketchup eater only. I ate the whole cup full in the car on the way back. Not a single drop of ketchup they were that good! And the burger… that’s a whole nother scale. I’m a picky eater, but I am adventurous. I’ll try anything once. For instance I love seaweed salads. Not so much of a fan of buffalo burgers/summer sausage. But I’m pretty sure I could eat from Cafe de Wheels every other day (opposite of Skyline and Jimmy Johns of course) They load their toppings and its just amazing.

Later that night it was off to Loveland for Toot’s. Great little pub type feel, not far off of Applebee’s/TGIFriday’s. It’s laid back and offers bang for the buck. You definitely get your moneys worth of burgers and fries. They’ve got pretty good pickle chips as well.

Saturday brings along one of my favorite places to kill an afternoon. Caeser Creek Flea Market. In my opinion it’s a step above Trader’s World, just because simply, there’s not a thing you CAN”T find here. Yeah there’s a few of your typical “jink” booths, but for the most part, they’ve got a huge selection. Trader’s World isn’t quite as diverse IMO. The only questionable thing here is the shed at the beck of the parking lot… Those that have been, know. For those that don’t… well, I don’t know if any youngsters stumble on here. But it was good time with a cute new necklace, and some candles.

While we were in the area, and this is the best part of the whole weekend, we decided to hit Rod’s Capricorn Inn.

This is the only thing you'll see on the side of the road letting you know what's there

This is the only thing you'll see on the side of the road letting you know what's there

I frequent this place once a year during Homecoming with my Sorority, and it’s just not enough. This place is the epitome of hole-in-the-wall, grease pit, dive place. And it. is. A-MAZING. Rod is normally back in the kitchen cooking and singing to country music or oldies. He’s a little off pitch but never seems to care. The burgers are massive! As in I had to fold mine in half and it still stuck out the bun!

Rod Burger

Notice the meat spilling over the ginormous pile of mushrooms

Nom Nom

It's a task to wolf one of those down, but oh so worth it.

The sides are generous enough, the toppings are never endingly cascading out of the sandwich, and your drink still comes in a can with a glass of ice. It’s got plastic picnic table clothes. and the back room/party area has actual picnic tables with the same tablecloths over them. It’s just so quaint and out of the way and divey that it is worth the drive up 730 from Wilmington. I promise.




2 responses

10 08 2010

I love Cafe de Wheels, need to hit them up again, haven’t had one for about a month now.
Do they still have my Metromix story taped to the window?

11 08 2010

I know they had the magazine covers there… Don’t know if I paid enough attention to see the article. I just may have to make another road trip down there and find out! 🙂

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