And so it begins

5 08 2010

So as I’ve been digging more and more into this whole blogging thing for work and I couldn’t help but notice a few other Cincy people really into blogging as well! I mean i blogged in high school and some in college on Xanga and LiveJournal (are those sites even still around?!) back when it “”wasn’t cool and people wondered why the heck I wasted my time with them. This can’t be that hard right?

So anyways after checking out some of these blogs and currently getting started on the Yelp scene I figured “might as well” I need a new venue off of Facebook anyhow. And I noticed a lot of these happened to center more around downtown. But thats the great thing about Cincinnati… it’s a bunch of small towns and communities that make up one great awesome city! If I can help out some over noob to the city, then this all won’t be in vain right? So come join me in my crazy adventures through the city, and the occasional side trip to other parts of Ohio and the country (aka my theme park rantings). I promise if nothing else it’ll (hopefully) be entertaining 🙂

This was the pretty rainbow my phone stinks at capturing outside the front door of my office building in Evendale/Sharonville this morning 😀





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